Exploring the Versatile Functions of RMB on the Keyboard

Functions of RMB on the Keyboard



The right mouse button (RMB) is an essential component of the keyboard and plays a crucial role in modern computing. It comes in handy for a range of computer activities, including word processing, website navigation, and graphical user interface (GUI) interaction.

This article will explore the various versatile functions of the RMB on the keyboard. From pointing and clicking to contextual menus, scrolling, and cutting, the RMB offers a wide range of functionalities that can enhance productivity and interaction with the computer. Let’s dive in and explore these functions in detail!

Pointing and Clicking

The Right mouse button (RMB) on your keyboard is a versatile tool that makes your computing experience smoother and more efficient. In this blog, we will explore the main functions of RMB on the keyboard, including pointing and clicking, menu items, scrolling, cutting and copying, entering characters, numbers and characters, and correcting RMB on the keyboard.

Point and Click The main function of RMB is to allow users to point and click objects on the screen. This simple functionality allows intuitive and efficient interaction with the graphical user interface (GUI). RMB added to the left mouse button provides users with a more seamless computing experience.

Contextual Menu RMB also allows users to access on screen context menus. With one click, users can access various options to perform specific tasks. This feature simplifies the user experience and saves time by eliminating the need to go through multiple menus to achieve the same results.

Contextual Menus

The RMB’s versatility is at its peak when providing contextual menus. Right-clicking on a file, an application, or an icon will display several options for customization, editing, or exploring further. The RMB provides a quicker and easier way to access otherwise tedious options in most applications.

Forget using keyboard shortcuts, just a right-click and you’re there! It’s almost like your virtual assistant, providing straight forward solutions to typical computing issues. So, next time you need to quickly access a specific function on your computer, RMB your way out!


Scrolling is a crucial task when navigating a document, map, or website. While most users employ the mouse wheel for this task, you can also scroll using RMB.

To do this, right click and drag up or down on the page. You can also use the Page up or Page Down key to change the direction. You can also customize your keyboard controls to quickly switch between functions; this is useful when working with one hand and need to manipulate keys. Overall, RMB is a versatile tool that can perform a variety of computing tasks!

Cutting and Copying

Copying and cutting using RMB are essential tasks to master on any computer. You can quickly duplicate a section of a large document or save a large section of the document to a different location. To copy using RMB, press the right-button and drag it across the document.

To cut, select the section you want to cut and then press the Ctrl key while dragging the right button. You can also copy and paste using RMB on the keyboard. Mastering these tasks can save you time and increase your productivity. So, go ahead and give it a try!

Entering Characters, Numbers and Symbols

Users who use RMB to write characters, numbers and symbols can write different characters, numbers or symbols into Windows text. To add a marker, select the marker and press the RMB button.

Numbers can be entered by pressing the RMB key and then using the numeric keys, while symbols can be entered by dragging the RMB to the icon and right-clicking. This feature is also useful for one-handed users, allowing them to switch keys for different characters and symbols. Customize the RMB controls on your keyboard to quickly switch between functions and increase productivity.

Customizing RMB on Your Keyboard

Personalization is the key when it comes to gadgets, right? So why not customize the RMB on your keyboard too! You can configure this feature and switch between different functions as per your convenience.

Think of it as having a secret magic power. Want to copy-paste, cut-paste, enter numbers or symbols with ease – customize RMB. Heck, you can even switch the right mouse wheel button on your keyboard to the RMB. It’s like a drop-down menu packed with many options that can save you time and trouble.


In a nutshell, RMB on your keyboard is an essential and versatile tool that enhances user productivity, making for a seamless computing experience. Its various functions, including pointing and clicking, contextual menus, scrolling, cutting and copying, entering characters, numbers, and symbols, and customizing your RMB, make it a must-have tool for any computer user.

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