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Internet Protocol Address Written Example

Internet Protocol Address

What is Internet Protocol Address? An Internet Protocol address (IP address) serves as a unique numeric identifier assigned to each device like computers, printers, switches

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OSI Model showing Network Layer

Network Layer

What Does Network Layer Mean? The network layer is a crucial part of how computers send data over the internet. It’s the third layer in

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OSI Model showing Application Layer

Application Layer

Meaning The application layer is the topmost layer in the seven-layer OSI model, which is a way to understand how networks operate. It deals with

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World of internet showing privacy concerns

Internet Privacy

What Does Internet Privacy Mean? Internet privacy refers to how your personal information is protected while you’re online. It involves a bunch of stuff like

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Fax Server connecting fax machine and computer

Fax Server

Definition A fax server is a system designed to manage the sending, receiving and distribution of faxes across a computer network. This setup can greatly

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TCP making a connection between computers

Transmission Control Protocol

Definition Transmission Control Protocol abbreviated as TCP, functions as a communication protocol within network systems. It primarily focuses on sending data packets across the Internet.

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Closed network of computers to a building showing the concept of intranet


Meaning An intranet is like a private internet just for a company or organization. It uses the same kind of technology as the internet (Internet

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Photo of technology world showing data protection through cloud and lock

Data Privacy

Data privacy also known as information privacy, involves the careful handling of sensitive information including personal details, financial data and intellectual property. It’s about ensuring

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