How To Complete The Mobile Legends x Attack On Titan Event

How To Complete The Mobile Legends x Attack On Titan Event


Are you looking to top up ML diamonds? Then it is time to visit U7Buy! The Mobile Legends and Attack on Titan collaboration teased a few weeks ago is now live. The game is joining forces with the popular anime to create some AOT prizes. The intense Japanese manga series created by Hajime Isayama inspired an acclaimed anime adaptation. Fueled by themes of survival, sacrifice, and the struggle against overwhelming odds, Attack on Titan is celebrated for its complex characters, intricate plot twists, and relentless action, making it a cornerstone of modern anime storytelling. The in-game event began on January 31st and it is available until March 2nd.

Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan Hero Skins

Three of the most famous Attack on Titan characters step outside Eldia and enter the Mobile Legends universe. We are talking about Mikasa Ackermann, Levi Ackermann, and Eren Jaeger. These characters will be present in the form of hero skins. Levi’s skin will work with the MLBB hero Martin. Yin borrows Eren’s appearance. Fanny will be the one to represent Mikasa.

The three skins are obtained through the draw system. You will need Mobile Legend diamonds to take part in this. It is possible to use 50 diamonds for one draw with the Wings of Freedom tokens. The alternative is to get 10 draws for 500 diamonds. The first single draw is available for a 50% discount. For the 10 draws, you get 10% off. After the first 10 draws, you get random Attack on Titan items. The Wings of Freedom tokens are used as currency for these items. With just four of them, you can buy the graffiti and skin paint. These are time-limited items that last only for three days. Let’s take a look at the permanent prizes.

Mobile Legends Attack on Titan Additional Items

As we’ve said, you need Wings of Freedom. The most expensive items are the three hero skins. These cost 1200 wings each. For 400 wings, you will get the bubble chat. If you want the recall effect, you have to exchange 300 wings. The killing notification can be yours for 225 wings. If you wish to have the Attack on Titan elimination and spawn effect, you have to part ways with 150 wings. The avatar border is not so expensive. It costs just 100 tokens. The emote is 32 wings. The most accessible items are the quick chat for 10 wings and the gift for four wings.

Mobile Legends Attack on Titan Trivia Challenge

During the event, players have access to an Attack on Titan-themed quest. Don’t miss the occasion to discover Eren’s Special Memories! This task will test your Attack on Titan knowledge. The reward consists of Wings of Freedom. It’s a nice opportunity to get some free tokens. The quest has five stages. The stages proceed in an episodic manner. To gain access to the next question, you need to get memory shards. These shards are available from daily missions. Complete the event and check out U7Buy to add cheap game items for sale to your MLBB account! Recharge Mobile Legends diamonds to start a new gaming experience!

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