What is Blooket & How Can Teachers use Blooket Play in the Classroom?

What is Blooket & How Can Teachers use Blooket Play in the Classroom?


Blooket stands out as a unique learning platform that combines interactive gameplay with various classroom benefits. It differs from other quiz sites and online games by incorporating a more traditional style, where players accumulate points through questions and answers. This not only adds excitement and fun but also positions Blooket as a user-friendly Ed Tech tool for interactive online learning.

For teachers seeking to captivate their students, Blooket proves to be an excellent alternative. Its popularity stems from its ability to enhance student participation, keeping them engaged and entertained through diverse activities. The platform’s simplicity makes it a go-to choice for educators looking to spice up their lessons.

What’s a Blooket?

Blooket serves as a tool for quizzes and reviews, aiming to boost classroom engagement for teachers. It transforms learning into a game, allowing educators to organize quiz games with a set of questions, and students can respond using their devices. The focus here is on assessments, especially formative assessments in the form of quizzes that teachers can use during lessons.

In this gamified platform, students earn points for correct answers, which they can then use to buy and sell virtual entities called “Blooks.” These Blooks represent players and act as blocks for gameplay. Blooket offers a variety of ready-made question sets that teachers can readily use, or they can create their own sets tailored to their class.

While this innovative method of reviewing or practicing knowledge can spark student interest and engagement, it’s essential for teachers to be aware of some limitations associated with it.

How is Blooket operated?

Signing up for Blooket is a breeze for teachers – a quick process where they can create a free account instantly using just their email address. Creating games is equally straightforward, whether using pre-built questions or crafting custom ones. In either scenario, teachers can easily assign a code to students, allowing them to join the game whenever they like.

Blooket offers a typical quiz-style section where questions appear with various answer options in the form of large, colorful blocks. After answering questions and earning points, these points can be utilized within the game before progressing to the next set of questions. In the cafe mode, students answer questions to earn food for serving virtual customers. Alternatively, in the Tower of Doom, students select characters to compete against each other, answering questions to secure victory. There’s also the Tower Defense game, a familiar concept for most students.

Blooket’s Advantages

  • Diverse Games with the Same Questions

You don’t need to create a new game for every set of questions. A single set can be used for multiple games from your teacher’s account. You can either create these sets yourself or find them on the website using the search function.

  • User-Friendly Experience

Teachers can effortlessly design question papers and sets, while students can easily sign up using a code. Real-time quizzes are accessible through phones or other devices, ensuring a safe and secure experience for all age groups. Students can participate individually or as a team, with the quickest correct answer determining the winner.

  • Diverse Game Modes

Blooket offers a variety of game types, with developers regularly adding new ones based on current trends. Exclusive modes for occasions like Christmas or Halloween enhance student engagement, particularly as these modes are time-limited.

  • Self-Paced Learning

Many games allow students to answer questions at their own pace. There’s no need to wait for a specific time or for everyone to finish before moving on to the next question.

  • Competitive Element

The game options introduce friendly competition among students. These options include twists and fun elements, making the competition enjoyable and keeping students interested.

  • Student-Friendly Interface

Blooket is convenient and user-friendly for students, whether in the classroom or at home. After creating an account, students only need to submit their nickname, icon, and the game ID assigned by their teacher to get started.

  • Racing Mode for Teachers & Students

Teachers can randomly assign quizzes to students and participate in the excitement by potentially winning points. In this mode, students responding quickly to quizzes earn more points, creating a dynamic and competitive atmosphere. However, providing incorrect answers results in no points.

Drawbacks of Blooket

  • Independent Reading Required

One limitation is that students need to read the questions on their own. As each student progresses at their own pace, there isn’t a built-in immersive reader. This feature may make Blooket more suitable for older students.

  • Requirement for Abundant Questions

To ensure a smooth gaming experience, a considerable number of questions need to be included. Depending on the chosen settings, the game continues either until a specific score is reached or a set time expires. If the question set is limited, students answering quickly might encounter repeated questions.

  • Inability to Edit Others’ Question Sets

Users cannot edit sets of questions created by others. If you find a set close to your needs but not perfect, creating your own set becomes necessary. This limits the ability of teachers to share questions or make modifications to existing sets.

  • Limited Student Data Access in Free Version

Without a paid account, accessing detailed student data is restricted. The free version provides a report showing the percentage of correct or incorrect answers for each student. However, it lacks information about specific questions that were missed. Blooket is now better suited for game-based reviews rather than comprehensive assessments. Additionally, the free account has a maximum limit of 60 students per game.

Blooket Tips & Tricks for Teachers

Adapt Existing Content

A quick and efficient way to start using Blooket is by exploring the available question sets and adapting them to suit your specific needs. This saves time and allows for easy customization.

Adjust Game Speed

While many games emphasize speed, Blooket allows you to modify this setting. By reducing the importance of speed, students experience less pressure, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

Class Rewards through Quizzes

Utilize quiz games as exit tickets for students, focusing on what was taught in class. Assignments can precede the game, creating an incentive for students to pay attention during the lesson before engaging in the learning game.

Revolutionize Teaching with Blooket

Blooket can transform the classroom learning experience. This engaging game not only enhances studying but also provides teachers with more interaction time with students. It serves as an effective tool for various subjects, offering questions and quizzes in science, math, and fun holiday activities such as movie-based quizzes, anime, sports, and more.

Empowering Learners with Blooket

Instant Feedback

Blooket ensures students receive immediate feedback after answering quizzes, promoting a dynamic learning process.

Diverse Game Modes

The platform’s different game modes allow students to showcase their learning skills without the monotony associated with traditional learning methods.

Customizable Learning Environment

Students have the freedom to personalize their learning experience by creating and developing their virtual entities known as Blooks.

Teacher Monitoring & Progress

Teachers can monitor student progress at any time throughout the year, gaining insights into individual and class achievements.

Connectivity Beyond Physical Boundaries

Blooket facilitates student connections, enabling interaction even if they are not in the same location. The unique game ID ensures access from anywhere and at any time, promoting flexibility in learning.


In conclusion, Blooket emerges as a dynamic and user-friendly educational platform that injects an element of playfulness into the traditional learning environment. It serves as a valuable tool for educators, transforming mundane quizzes and reviews into engaging games that captivate students’ attention.

The platform’s strengths lie in its diverse range of game options and user-friendly interface. Teachers can effortlessly create quiz games, incorporating either pre-built question sets or tailor-made questions to suit their specific classroom needs. The incorporation of gameplay mechanics, where students earn points for correct answers and can use them to interact with virtual entities known as “Blooks,” adds an extra layer of excitement to the learning process.

Blooket’s advantages extend beyond its simplicity and gaming elements. The platform supports self-paced learning, allowing students to answer questions at their own speed. The competitive element introduced through various game modes fosters a sense of friendly rivalry among students. The availability of diverse game modes, with developers regularly adding new ones based on current trends or seasonal occasions, keeps the learning experience fresh and engaging.

Additionally, the platform offers a unique feature known as Racing Mode, where teachers can participate in the excitement by potentially winning points. This mode not only adds a dynamic and competitive element but also encourages students to respond quickly, making the learning experience more interactive.

However, Blooket does come with some limitations. Students need to read questions independently, which may make it more suitable for older students who are proficient readers. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, a substantial number of questions need to be included, as a limited question set may result in repeated questions for students answering quickly.

Moreover, users cannot edit sets of questions created by others, limiting the collaborative aspect of the platform. Access to detailed student data is also restricted in the free version, making it more suitable for game-based reviews rather than comprehensive assessments.

Incorporating Blooket into the classroom can be a transformative experience for both teachers and students. Teachers can adapt existing content, adjust game speed to reduce pressure, and utilize quiz games as rewards or exit tickets to reinforce classroom learning. Blooket not only provides instant feedback to students but also allows them to personalize their learning experience by creating and developing virtual entities known as Blooks.

Overall, Blooket empowers learners by promoting a dynamic and enjoyable learning process. It facilitates teacher monitoring and progress tracking, fostering a connected learning environment even beyond physical boundaries. In essence, Blooket stands out as a powerful tool that revolutionizes traditional teaching methods, making education not just informative but also entertaining and interactive.

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