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Are you planning a visit to Comox, British Columbia? Great decision! Comox is like a small piece of heaven, situated between the coastal mountains and the Salish Sea on Vancouver Island. It has something for everyone, whether you love outdoor adventures, local food, or just chilling by the beach.

Let me guide you through the absolute must-dos in Comox. From taking seaplane tours with breathtaking views to exploring hidden hiking trails in ancient rainforests, there’s always something exciting to do. And when it comes to food, you can enjoy farm-to-table restaurants with the freshest local ingredients.

So, pack your bags, catch a flight or ferry and get ready to fall in love with Comox Valley. The stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, delicious food, refreshing drinks and friendly locals are all waiting for you. You just need to show up and we’ll take care of the rest. Welcome to paradise!

Introducing ILikeComox

Welcome to ILikeComox, your go-to guide for everything about the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. We’ve been sharing local secrets and insights since 2016, founded by a bunch of locals who wanted to make sure visitors discover all the hidden gems our region has to offer.

Discovering the Comox Valley

Stretching from the coastal beaches of Royston and Union Bay in the south to the alpine peaks of Forbidden Plateau in the west, the Comox Valley is a diverse paradise. The main towns – Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland – are home to around 60,000 friendly people. Beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, farms and forests surround the valley, making it a haven for outdoor activities and embracing the laid-back island life.

Exploring the Wonders of ILikeComox

There’s no shortage of things to do in the Comox Valley. From beachcombing along the extensive coastline to hiking through ancient forests in Strathcona Provincial Park or paddling the serene Puntledge and Oyster rivers, the options are endless. Winter enthusiasts can ski and snowshoe on Mount Washington, while food and drink lovers can tour farmgate stands, wineries and craft breweries. Don’t miss out on cultural events like the Filberg Festival, Island Summer Games and Vancouver Island MusicFest.

Finding Your Home

When it comes to places to stay, the Comox Valley has something for every taste and budget. Choose from resorts, hotels, motels and cozy B&Bs to campgrounds, cabins and vacation rentals. Top options include the luxurious Kingfisher Spa and Resort, Crown Isle Resort and Beach Club Resort. If you’re looking for a unique experience, check out the charming Dancing Bear Inn or Le Vieux Comox. With over 60 RV parks and campgrounds offering scenic beachfront, lakefront, and mountain settings, you’re sure to find the perfect spot.

Ready for an adventure in the stunning Comox Valley? Go for a visit and who knows, you might just decide to stay there for life!

Living the Comox Valley Life

Comox Valley, nestled on Vancouver Island, is a hot favorite among nature enthusiasts and families alike. Let’s dive into the reasons why this coastal haven steals the hearts of those who call it home.

Breathtaking Beauty

Imagine living between the Beaufort Mountains and the Strait of Georgia – that’s the daily reality in the Comox Valley. Nature is at its finest here, with beaches, rivers, lakes and lush rainforests right at your doorstep. Explore the wonders of Strathcona Provincial Park, offering coastal trails to alpine meadows.

Community Warmth

Comox Valley is renowned for its friendly community. An active arts scene, numerous community events and a genuine sense of neighborliness define the area. The lower cost of living and a relaxed pace of life make it a particularly appealing place for families, enjoying a safe and family-friendly vibe.

Year-round Fun

Forget the idea that outdoor fun is only for the summer. In Comox Valley, you can golf, sail, kayak and swim in the warmer months, then switch to skiing, snowshoeing and storm watching in the winter. Thanks to the mild coastal climate, activities like cycling and hiking can be enjoyed all year round – there’s truly no off-season in Comox Valley.

Culinary Delights

The Comox Valley proudly boasts farm-to-table restaurants, craft breweries, wineries and an incredible farmers market. Seafood lovers rejoice, with menu staples like salmon, oysters and Dungeness crab. Locally grown produce takes center stage, offering a diverse culinary experience. Whether you fancy fine dining, food trucks, cozy cafes or a lover of Çeciir, the Comox Valley food scene caters to every taste.

With its stunning landscapes, friendly faces, year-round adventures, and delectable food options, it’s no wonder so many people choose to make Comox Valley their home. Once you experience it, you might just find it hard to say goodbye!

Discover the Beauty of Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park

Comox, a charming town on Vancouver Island, beckons with stunning scenery and a host of exciting activities. Here’s your guide to some of the top things to do in Comox.

Stroll Through Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park

Nestled in a coastal rainforest, the Filberg Heritage Lodge boasts a historic estate set on 64 waterfront acres. Take a leisurely walk through ornamental gardens, explore a 1930s log cabin, or simply relax and soak in the bay views. The estate is open seasonally, welcoming visitors for self-guided tours.

Paddle the Serene Bay

Embrace the beauty of Comox by paddling on the bay. The town is surrounded by a collection of small islands, perfect for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Rent equipment from local shops and glide across the calm waters of Comox Bay or nearby rivers. Keep an eye out for seals, otters, herons and other wildlife along your journey.

Enjoy the Vast Coastline

With over 60 miles of coastline, Comox boasts a variety of beaches. Explore Miracle Beach Provincial Park for beachcombing, watch kiteboarders at Goose Spit Park or walk out to Helliwell Provincial Park during low tide. Kin Beach offers fascinating tide pools to explore, and many beaches provide picnic areas for a full day of enjoyment.

Visit Courtenay & District Museum

Delve into the natural and cultural history of the Comox Valley at the Courtenay & District Museum. Housed in a historic 1912 church, the museum showcases life in the area from First Nations peoples to European settlement. Open year-round, admission is by donation, making it an accessible and educational experience.

Embark on a Whale Watching Adventure

The waters off Vancouver Island are a haven for orcas, humpback whales, gray whales, and other marine life. Take a boat tour from Comox to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Tours operate from spring through fall, aligning with the whales’ most active seasons. It’s an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Comox caters to nature enthusiasts, beach lovers, history aficionados and adventure seekers alike. So, step out and explore the wonders that this delightful town on Vancouver Island has in store for you!

Meet ILikeComox: Your Source for Comox Positivity

ILikeComox, a local social media influencer, is on a mission to spread positivity about life in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Whether you’re new to the area or just curious about what’s happening, ILikeComox is your go-to source for inspiration and information.

Capturing Comox Beauty

ILikeComox showcases the stunning natural beauty in and around Comox through captivating photography and short video clips. From ocean sunrises to mountain vistas and lush forest trails, their social media feeds instantly ignite a desire to step outside and explore. Frequent posts about favorite hiking and biking spots, beaches and scenic viewpoints make ILikeComox a virtual guide to the wonders of Comox.

Championing Local Businesses

Passionate about supporting small local businesses, ILikeComox regularly features Comox Valley shops, restaurants, events and other enterprises on their social media platforms. If you’re looking to shop local or uncover hidden gems around town, ILikeComox is the perfect guide. Their recommendations have proven invaluable in helping new ventures gain exposure and connect with a broader audience.

Building Community Connections

At its core, ILikeComox strives to build community connections. They actively promote local fundraisers, events and activities, encouraging people to get involved. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, art festival or charity drive, ILikeComox spreads the word to unite the community in support. Their platform also shares inspiring stories of everyday people making a positive impact in Comox, fostering a sense of community pride.

Following ILikeComox is not just a social media choice – it’s a gateway to falling in love with the Comox Valley lifestyle and becoming a part of the community. Their posts radiate positivity and a genuine passion for the area. Whether you’re planning a visit or a move to Comox, ILikeComox should be your first follow to get excited about everything this region has to offer. The Comox Valley is truly special, and ILikeComox brilliantly captures its heart and soul.

Get Involved with ILikeComox: Your Community Connection

Discover the various ways you can actively support ILikeComox, a local organization dedicated to promoting tourism and building community in the Comox Valley.

1. Volunteer Your Time

ILikeComox hosts a range of community events, from beach cleanups to fundraisers and festivals. It’s a fantastic opportunity to contribute your time, make a positive impact and connect with like-minded individuals. Check out upcoming events at IlikeComox.ca/events and sign up to lend a hand for a few hours – your time and effort will be truly appreciated.

2. Become a Member

Individuals and businesses can join ILikeComox by becoming members. Enjoy exclusive event invitations, discounts at select local businesses and stay in the loop with a newsletter featuring updates on ILikeComox initiatives and Comox Valley news. Membership fees directly support ILikeComox’s community-focused work.

3. Make a Donation

If time constraints prevent active involvement, consider making a tax-deductible donation to ILikeComox. Your contribution, regardless of the amount, goes toward vital programs such as regional tourism marketing, grants for local events and community enhancement projects throughout the Comox Valley. Donate conveniently on the ILikeComox website or mail a check to their office.

4. Follow on Social Media

The simplest way to show your support is by following ILikeComox on social media. Like their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ILikeComox and share their posts with your friends and family. By spreading the word about the vibrant happenings in the Comox Valley, you contribute to increased exposure for local businesses and attract more visitors to the region.

Getting involved with ILikeComox is straightforward and offers opportunities for people with various abilities and schedules. Find your fit and play a part in supporting this valuable organization, making a positive impact on the Comox Valley as a better place to live, work and visit. Every contribution, big or small, counts!

ILikeComox FAQ’s

1. What are some must-do activities in Comox?

Some must-do activities in Comox include exploring the Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park, enjoying water adventures in the bay, hitting the beautiful beaches, visiting local museums like Courtenay & District Museum and embarking on a thrilling whale-watching adventure.

2. How can I support ILikeComox?

You can support ILikeComox by volunteering your time at community events, becoming a member for exclusive benefits, making a tax-deductible donation or simply following them on social media and sharing their posts to promote the vibrant happenings in the Comox Valley.

3. What makes the Comox Valley special?

The Comox Valley, nestled between mountains and the sea, offers breathtaking beauty, a warm community, year-round outdoor activities and a diverse culinary scene. It’s a place where nature enthusiasts, beach lovers and families can find their perfect haven.

Wrapping Up ILikeComox

Comox, BC, offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, community warmth and diverse activities. From seaplane tours to hidden hiking trails, the Filberg Heritage Lodge and paddling adventures, every moment in Comox is an exploration. ILikeComox, a local influencer, amplifies the region’s charm, promoting local businesses and fostering community connections.

For those considering Comox as a home, the year-round appeal, welcoming community and diverse recreational opportunities make it a haven. Whether you’re drawn to outdoor adventures, culinary delights or a laid-back lifestyle, Comox awaits with open arms. Follow ILikeComox for a virtual guide and let the mountains, beaches and friendly locals welcome you to the paradise of Comox Valley. Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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