Know About PlayStation 6 – Release Date, Pricing & PS6 Design

Know About PlayStation 6 - Release Date, Pricing & PS6 Design


The PlayStation 5 has finally become more accessible after a prolonged period of scarcity, marking a relief for eager gamers who waited patiently for the current-gen console to become readily available. Throughout its relatively short existence, the PS5 faced significant challenges in meeting demand, but it also enjoyed success thanks to a lineup of exclusive heavy-hitters like Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Over the past three years, the PS5 has kept console owners engrossed with an impressive array of first-party titles and a suite of immersive features. Meanwhile, Sony has expanded the PS5 ecosystem by introducing new hardware such as the PlayStation VR2, PlayStation Portal, and the upcoming PS5 slim.

While the PS5 is currently in its prime, fans are already speculating about what lies ahead for Sony and the PlayStation brand. While there’s been no official word from Sony, it’s reasonable to assume that a PlayStation 6 is on the horizon. In this article, we’ll delve into everything we currently know about the PS6, which admittedly isn’t much. However, we’ll be sure to keep this page updated as more news trickles in over the coming months and years.

Anticipating the PlayStation 6 Release Date

The release of new PlayStation home consoles typically spans between six and seven years. However, this timeline can be influenced by interim models, such as the recently unveiled PS5 slim, which is hitting the shelves three years after the base console’s 2020 release.

The current-gen PS5 was officially announced in 2019, marking a six-year gap since its predecessor’s launch. Considering we’re only three years into the PS5’s lifecycle, it’s safe to assume that an announcement for the potential PS6 is still several years away.

The recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Xbox has stirred a multitude of questions about the future of beloved franchises, particularly the Activision-owned Call of Duty series. Xbox has assured fans that Call of Duty will continue to be available on PlayStation for at least another decade. However, this development has raised concerns within Sony.

In light of the acquisition, there are indications from court documents that retiring PlayStation boss Jim Ryan expressed concerns about sharing information with Activision regarding Sony’s future consoles. Ryan stated, “We simply could not run the risk of a company that was owned by a direct competitor having access to that information.”

Looking Ahead: Sony’s Contemplation

While the mentioned concerns don’t explicitly unveil details about the PS6 or its potential release date, they do offer insights into Sony’s contemplation of its next console. It suggests that, even if the release may be years away, Sony is actively considering and strategizing for the future of its gaming consoles.

Exploring Potential PlayStation 6 Pricing and Models

In 2019, Sony took a significant step by trademarking the names PlayStation 6 through PlayStation 10. While this move might suggest a commitment to extending the PlayStation legacy, it’s crucial to recognize that companies often secure trademarks for protective purposes without an immediate translation to tangible products.

The PlayStation 5 made its debut in 2020, offering two main variants—a standard PS5 with a disc drive and a more budget-friendly digital-only option. Both versions featured 825GB of internal storage. Recently, Sony unveiled slimmer models for both variants, equipped with a full 1TB hard drive. Despite the increased storage, the PlayStation 5 slim models boast a reduced footprint, being smaller in width, length, and depth, and weigh less compared to the launch models.

Speculating on PlayStation 6 Pricing and Variants

Historical Context: Attempting to predict the potential pricing of the rumored PlayStation 6 and anticipating the emergence of various models is a challenging task. Sony’s current models, along with their historical approaches to refreshing PlayStations during their lifecycles, serve as the primary basis for such speculation.

Current PlayStation 5 Slim Prices

For a point of reference, let’s consider the prices for the upcoming PlayStation 5 slim models in different regions:


  • PS5 Slim with disc drive – $500
  • PS5 Slim Digital Edition – $450


  • PS5 Slim with disc drive – €550
  • PS5 Slim Digital Edition – €450


  • PS5 Slim with disc drive – £480
  • PS5 Slim Digital Edition – £390

While these prices offer a glimpse into the current PlayStation landscape, predicting the pricing and models for a potential PlayStation 6 remains uncertain. As Sony continues its legacy, gamers will eagerly await official announcements and details regarding the next evolution in the PlayStation lineup.

Imagining the Future: What Will the PlayStation 6 Look Like?

Sony has kept mum on the existence and details of the much-anticipated PlayStation 6, leaving enthusiasts in the dark about the next iteration of the iconic gaming console.

A History of Aesthetic Evolution

The PlayStation series has a history of undergoing significant aesthetic changes with each new generation. The PlayStation 5, sporting a collar-like spaceship design, marked a drastic departure from the boxy, angular appearance of its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. Similarly, the PlayStation 3 had a curvy, reflective design at launch, evolving considerably over its lifecycle. This iterative process of design evolution extends back to the original PlayStation, making it challenging to predict the aesthetic direction of a potential PlayStation 6.

Hints from the PlayStation 5 Slim

While concrete details about the PS6 are elusive, a noteworthy development in the upcoming PlayStation 5 Slim models provides a hint at Sony’s potential future plans. One of the Slim models will feature a detachable disc drive, allowing users to purchase it separately. Some observers speculate that this move might foreshadow Sony’s strategy for the next generation.

Insights from Industry Experts: Daniel Ahmad, Director of Research & Insights at Niko Partners, shared his thoughts in October, stating, “This is more indicative of Sony’s current thinking around its approach for next-gen. If the new Digital Edition does gain traction and we see a continued trajectory of increased digital software sell-through, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony makes digital + disc drive add-on the default option for [PS6].”

The Uncertain Canvas of PS6

While these insights provide a glimpse into Sony’s current considerations, the actual look and features of the PlayStation 6 remain shrouded in uncertainty. As gamers eagerly await official announcements, the mystery surrounding the next evolution of the PlayStation design adds to the anticipation of what lies ahead in the world of gaming.

Ps6 FAQ’s

1. What is the potential release timeframe for the PlayStation 6?

While there’s no official word, the release of new PlayStation consoles typically spans between six and seven years, making a PS6 announcement still several years away.

2. Why is there speculation about the PS6 in light of the Activision Blizzard acquisition by Xbox?

Concerns about sharing information with a direct competitor following the Activision Blizzard acquisition indicate Sony is actively considering its next console, even if it may be years off.

3. What hint does the detachable disc drive in the PlayStation 5 Slim offer for the PS6?

Observers speculate that the detachable disc drive might foreshadow Sony’s strategy for the next generation, potentially offering a digital + disc drive add-on as a default option for the PS6.

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