New AI Logo Maker Alert: Zoviz

New AI Logo Maker Alert: Zoviz


As a result of the concentration of technological developments in the field of AI, users have begun to realize designs in the minimum time. Especially in the field of digital design, it has become common to create designs thanks to AI logo maker platforms or AI chat sites. In addition to AI programs that design visuals according to user requests through the chat section, AI logo makers are professional sites that provide services directly for logo design.

Although there are already many AI sites, users can obtain a much more successful logo design experience through a platform where they can obtain legal rights and technical support while simultaneously obtaining logo design or designs for branding products in a minimum period of time.

What Does Zoviz Offer to Its Users?

Zoviz is an AI logo maker that is very easy to design on. Through Zoviz, users can manage to design in minimum time. The reason for this is that Zoviz has an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, providing free technical support during and after the logo design process makes the platform reliable.

Likewise, Zoviz also offers free lifetime ownership to its users. Purchasing the logo design on the platform is enough to have full rights to it. If a user chooses the full logo kit option while designing through Zoviz, he/she can simultaneously have the following features:

  • Favicon pack
  • Brand guidebook
  • Email signature templates
  • Letterhead layouts

In addition to the products listed above, the platform also offers design products for social media platforms. These products include platform-specific social media profile options and covers. Zoviz can be seen as a resource, especially for people who aim to create a brand from scratch.

Basic Logo Plan in A Budget-friendly Way

The basic plan offered by Zoviz includes high-resolution logo files for logo design. While it is very easy to create a design through the platform, which also provides full commercial rights, users gain the advantage of being able to download files for the design in the following 4 different file formats, standard and resizable:

  • PDF
  • SVG
  • JPG
  • PNG

When designing through Zoviz, all editing processes can be AI-powered, creating professional results without the need for design knowledge is one of the best benefits provided by the platform. It is also possible to get tips on the branding through Zoviz through the ‘Learn’ section, which is the blog section of the site.

Full Logo Kit for Branding Lovers!

For branding lovers, the service offered by AI logo generator Zoviz is quite valuable. Because the platform enables a user to obtain products that can be used in both social media and marketing fields in a short time, through is a professional and perfect design. The branding products in question can be explained under the following headings:

  • Favicon pack
  • Brand style guide
  • Email signature templates
  • Social Media Branding
  • Letterhead layouts

Additionally, the full logo kit includes additional support for ownership and technical support. Logo design files are also offered to the user in standard or resizable versions.

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