Solve Matilda’s School Report Puzzle: Reverse 1999 Guide

Solve Matilda’s School Report Puzzle: Reverse 1999 Guide


Reverse 1999’s turn-based action combat game features a challenging core objective: solving Matilda’s school report puzzle. This puzzle isn’t as straightforward as it seems, requiring some serious brainpower to crack. However, you don’t have to tackle it alone; our guide is here to assist!

The puzzle is essentially a riddle that conceals its answer within its wording. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharp to unearth the solution hidden in the riddle’s clever phrasing.

Matilda’s School Report: A Challenging Riddle

As you progress to the 10th chapter, titled “The Origin Butterfly,” in Reverse 1999, Matilda’s school report puzzle awaits you. This puzzle presents a riddle that’s crucial to solving one of the game’s objectives. Once you’ve selected this chapter, the riddle promptly appears on your screen, setting the stage for your mental challenge.

Understanding the Challenge

The riddle poses a specific question: What number is needed to achieve a perfect score? However, it doesn’t provide this number outright. Instead, you’re confronted with a blackened score, obscuring the answer, leaving only a cryptic hint visible.

Deciphering the Clue

The clue to unraveling the mystery lies within the question itself. To crack it, you must delve into the story’s narrative with utmost dedication. Every detail matters; every twist and turn of the plot holds a potential clue.

Success Lies in Dedication and Observation

In Reverse 1999, solving Matilda’s school report puzzle requires not just intelligence but also dedication and keen observation. By immersing yourself in the game’s storyline and carefully analyzing every clue, you’ll eventually uncover the elusive answer hidden within the riddle.

Clues in Reverse 1999: The Key Information

In Reverse 1999, crucial hints for solving Matilda’s school report puzzle are scattered throughout the game. Paying close attention to these clues is essential for cracking the code and progressing in the game.

Understanding Matilda’s Character

Matilda, a prominent character in the game, is known for her intelligence and academic prowess. Given her exceptional abilities, it’s reasonable to assume that her school score would be impressively high, likely at the top end of the scale.

The Significance of Sonneto

Matilda makes reference to Sonneto in one of her voicelines. Sonneto is directly linked to a poem called “Sonnet,” authored by Sir Thomas Wyatt. This literary connection hints at the importance of literature within the game’s context, potentially serving as a clue for solving the puzzle.

The Concept of a Perfect Score

The school report explicitly mentions the concept of a perfect score, which is typically 100 in academic settings. This detail provides a clear target for players trying to decipher the riddle, indicating that the desired number for the puzzle solution should align with this perfect score.

Utilizing the Clues for Deduction

With these critical clues in hand, players can now begin piecing together the puzzle’s solution. By considering Matilda’s academic prowess, the literary reference to Sonneto, and the notion of a perfect score, players can deduce the answer and progress further in Reverse 1999.

Solving the Puzzle: How We Arrive at 86

The solution to Matilda’s school report puzzle in Reverse 1999 is 86. Let’s break down the reasoning behind this seemingly mystifying answer.

Connecting the Dots

Knowing Matilda’s reputation as a top student, it’s a given her score would hover close to perfection, around the 100 mark. The quest for a perfect score points us towards the number 100. However, the critical piece of the puzzle is the reference to the Sonnet poem, famous for its 14 lines.

Subtracting the 14 lines of the Sonnet from the perfect score of 100 gives us 86. This calculation isn’t just random; it’s a thought-out conclusion based on the clues provided throughout the game. Matilda’s reference to “her” cleverly directs players to consider the Sonnet in their calculations.

Though it might seem like a leap at first, the path to the answer is logical. The intersection of Matilda’s academic excellence, the perfect score benchmark, and the literary clue from the Sonnet combines to reveal the solution: 86. This is the only theory that fits all the given clues and allows players to unlock the next part of their adventure in Reverse 1999.

The Riddle: Unraveling the Mystery

In Reverse 1999, players encounter a perplexing riddle within Matilda’s school report. The riddle is the key to unlocking a crucial objective in the game. However, the clues provided are scarce, requiring players to think outside the box to decipher its meaning.

Analyzing the Clues

The riddle presents minimal clues, with the signature block stating “Matilda Bouanich” and a cryptic note about the number of points needed to achieve a perfect score being somehow related to her name. The repetition of “Why? Why?!” adds to the sense of urgency and mystery.

Making Sense of the Puzzle

With little to go on, players must employ creative thinking to uncover the solution. The riddle’s reference to Matilda’s name hints at a connection between the number of points needed and the letters in her name. But how do these elements correlate?

Navigating the Time-Hopping Adventure

In Reverse 1999, unexpected challenges like this riddle are par for the course. Players must immerse themselves in the game’s narrative, paying close attention to every detail to avoid missing crucial clues. As the story unfolds across chapters like “The Security Carnival” and “The Charge Bay,” players must stay vigilant, knowing that even seemingly minor details could hold the key to unraveling the game’s mysteries. With perseverance and a willingness to think outside the box, players can conquer even the most cryptic puzzles Reverse 1999 has to offer.

Answering Common Queries About Mathilda’s School Report Riddle

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Mathilda’s School Report riddle in Reverse 1999, along with detailed answers to each.

1. Can the Riddle Be Solved in Any Other Way?

There is no alternative method to deduce the answer to Mathilda’s School Report riddle. The clues provided within the game are minimal, leaving players with only one plausible solution.

2. Is Chapter Completion Necessary to Reach the Riddle?

To access Mathilda’s School Report riddle, players must advance to Chapter 10, known as “The Origin Butterfly,” in Reverse 1999. There are no shortcuts; players must complete previous objectives or chapters to reach this point.

3. What Gameplay Involvement Does the Riddle Have?

Mathilda’s School Report riddle does not involve any combat or boss fights. It’s a straightforward puzzle-solving section where players must input their answer into a provided text box.

Understanding the mechanics and requirements of Mathilda’s School Report riddle is essential for players progressing through Reverse 1999. With these FAQs addressed, players can approach the riddle section confidently, armed with the knowledge necessary to tackle its challenges.


Matilda’s school report puzzle in Reverse 1999 presents players with a formidable mental challenge, requiring ingenuity and keen observation to overcome. Through careful analysis of the clues provided and creative problem-solving, players can unlock the solution and progress further in the game.

This riddle section serves not only as an obstacle to overcome but also as an opportunity for players to sharpen their deductive reasoning skills. By delving into the intricacies of the puzzle and exploring different avenues of thought, players can enhance their cognitive abilities and enjoy a rewarding gameplay experience.

Reverse 1999 thrives on presenting players with unexpected challenges, and Matilda’s school report puzzle is no exception. With perseverance, patience, and a willingness to think outside the box, players can conquer even the most cryptic of puzzles, emerging victorious and enriched by the experience.

As players navigate the time-hopping world of Reverse 1999, they’ll encounter a myriad of challenges and mysteries to unravel. By immersing themselves fully in the game’s narrative and remaining vigilant for clues and hints, players can embark on a thrilling adventure filled with excitement, discovery, and triumph.

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