Top 6 In-demand Data Science Certifications in 2024

Top 6 In-demand Data Science Certifications in 2024


Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses tools, scientific methods, algorithms, and technologies to collect data and extract meaningful insights. Over the past few years, data science study has been continually assuming a significant aspect of decision-making processes for businesses. It propels improved efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and useful solutions across almost all Industries. 

According to Precedence Research, the data science market size will reach USD 150 billion globally in 2024. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that jobs requiring data science skills are likely to grow by 27.9% by 2026. However, to show your expertise and improve marketability in data science jobs, you’ll need to earn the best data science certifications that are well-recognized and equally Valuable. 

Importance of Data Science Certification

Globally recognized and valued certifications are beneficial to get a data science Job. Acquiring the best certifications helps verify the knowledge you already have and stay updated on the latest industry trends and practices. Moreover, it helps in adding key credentials and employer-desired certifications to a resume. When you earn a certification, it reflects your dedication to constant learning and practical practice to Employers. 

Most In-Demand Data Science Certifications to Earn in 2024  

These six certifications are highly demanded in the data science job market –

  • United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®) Certifications

Developing top skills and detailed expertise in various data science segments becomes easier with USDSI® certifications. The United States Data Science Institute provides various futuristic data science certifications for people who enter or engage in numerous data science Majors – 

The eligible candidates can acquire these prestigious certifications anywhere and anytime by completing the specified exams. The exam can be scheduled after 25 days of making the payment.  The first two attempts are free. However, if you are unable to clear the exam on your second attempt, you can reappear for an exam with a nominal exam fee of US $149. 

All USDSI® certification exams are multiple-choice computer-based exams and consist of competency-based questions. The number of questions can vary from certification to certification, however, each of them has a 100-minute duration and needs 70% passing Marks.   

  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This is 5 months beginner-level certification program that needs 10 hours a week commitment. It is a 10-course series that will show your expertise in portfolio-ready projects and provide an employer-recognized certificate from IBM. 

After receiving professional-level training, you can qualify for several in-demand data science job profiles like data architect, junior data scientist, and data scientist. You will gain skills in Github, data science, deep learning, big data, Rstudio, Methodology, machine learning, python programming, Jupyter notebooks, data mining, and SQL.   

  • HarvardX Professional Certificate in Data Analysis for Life Sciences

Designed by Harvard University, this self-paced certification requires a 2-4 hours per week commitment. It is an intermediate-level program that covers a range of topics like data analysis, bioinformatics, data science, statistics, data visualization, R, and biostatistics. 

Applying for this certification will help you learn the basic statistical concepts and develop essential R programming skills. Moreover, you’ll master techniques used for statistical inference and high-dimensional data analysis. 

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

This 8-course series prepares learners for entry-level data analytics job profiles like data analyst, associate data analyst, and junior data analyst. It is Google’s one of the best data science certifications that help learners develop key skills. 

For example, building a portfolio, data analysis, data visualization, data cleansing, data collection, case study creation, and data calculation. Moreover, it provides knowledge of several tools like Tableau software, R programming, SQL, and spreadsheets. Additionally, you’ll develop problem-solving, questioning, and decision-making abilities.   

  • Amazon Web Services Certified Machine Learning

The AWS or Amazon Web Services Certified Machine Learning certification program is perfect for professionals having more than one year of experience in developing, architecting, or executing ML (machine learning) workloads in the AWS cloud. 

This specialty-level certification program requires 180 minutes to complete the exam. After earning this certificate, you will develop essential skills for implementing AWS cloud initiatives. No specific training is required before taking an exam, instead, you can discover relevant resources from AWS Training and Certification. 

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Offered by Microsoft, this is among the top data science certifications that emphasize data science and ML using Azure technologies. Professionals who work on ML and data science projects on Azure can apply for this program to validate their expertise in these domains for data science applications. The best thing is that Microsoft specialty and role-based certifications can be renewed before their expiration date. 


According to Glassdoor, the data scientist is one of the top three jobs in America. To become a data scientist or get any in-demand job in data science, acquiring a data science certification is a smart move to develop imperative skills and knowledge. Choose the right certification while considering the cost, content, and reputation of the course, prerequisites, duration, skills earned, and future job Needs. 

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