Is Artificial Intelligence Capitalized?

Is Artificial Intelligence Capitalized?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries and reshaping our lives. However, when it comes to the question of capitalization, there is some confusion surrounding the correct usage of the term “artificial intelligence.”

Capitalization Rules for “Artificial Intelligence”

In general writing, the rules of capitalization dictate that proper nouns and the first word of a sentence should be capitalized.

However, “artificial intelligence” is not a proper noun by default. Instead, it is a common noun phrase used to refer to the broader concept of creating intelligent machines.

When “artificial intelligence” is used as a general term without specifying any particular system or technology, it should be written in lowercase.


Capitalizing “Artificial Intelligence” as a Proper Noun

There are instances where “Artificial Intelligence” is capitalized, and this occurs when it is used as part of a specific system, product or organization’s name. In such cases, it functions as a proper noun and should be capitalized accordingly:


  • Our company has developed a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence system for autonomous vehicles.

Should Artificial Intelligence Be Capitalized?

The question of whether to capitalize “artificial intelligence” has sparked debates among writers and style guides. Some argue that capitalizing the term every time it’s used, whether as a general concept or part of a name, helps highlight the significance and impact of AI in our lives. On the other hand, those in favor of lowercase argue that it adheres to standard English grammar rules for common nouns.

Ultimately, the decision to capitalize “artificial intelligence” depends on the style guide being followed or the preference of the writer. Consistency within a document or publication is essential.

If you are writing for a specific organization or publication, it’s advisable to check their style guide for guidelines on capitalization.


In conclusion, the capitalization of “artificial intelligence” depends on its usage in a sentence.

As a general concept, it is written in lowercase: artificial intelligence. However, when it is part of a specific name or title, it should be capitalized: Artificial Intelligence.

Remember to maintain consistency in capitalization throughout your writing, following the applicable style guide or personal preference. As the field of AI continues to advance, staying informed about any changes in style conventions will ensure your writing remains up-to-date.

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