How to get out of archon rank in dota 2

How to get out of archon rank in dota 2


Are you looking for ways to get Dota 2 Archon rank? If yes, we have got you covered. Here are the tips you need to know to get out of Archon rank and climb up the rank ladder in Dota 2. 

These tips are tried and tested and have helped many players like you to get out of Dota 2 Archon rank in less time and minimal effort.

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Why do I get stuck in the Archon rank?

Before finding out the ways to get out of Archon rank, it is necessary to know why players get stuck in this rank and why it is so difficult to get out of it. In Archon rank you face a more intricate and refined set of challenges, requiring a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategies. Sometimes players do not put in the effort to upgrade skills with the upgradation of their rank. Sometimes it is the other smurfed accounts that keep you from getting out of Archon rank. At times, you are stuck despite having good game skills because you do not work on your communication skills. As the rank improves, your communication also needs to be improved, or get stuck in that particular rank.

Proven ways to get out of Archon rank in Dota 2

Below are 10 proven ways to get you out of Archon rank in Dota 2:

1. Analyze your game

The first step is that you need to know what you are doing wrong. To find your mistakes, analyse your game. Watch all of your recorded matches at least twice to get a clear idea of our mistakes and shortcomings. If you get this one right, your half job is done.

2. Get community help

You can also get community help in analysing your games if you have any difficulty in reaching a conclusion yourself. Just post our matches in Dota 2 communities and ask people. They will highlight your mistakes.

3. Watch your opponents

The second thing is to see what your opponents are doing.  Watch what your opponents do to smash you and how they counter your moves to defend themselves. This way you can develop a better strategy to defeat your opponents by improving your defences and coming up with new attack strategies.

4. Watch people that are better than you

You also need to see how others are playing in the same rank. Watch matches of other players that are on the same rank you are. You can watch streams on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Learn what they are doing to climb up the rank ladder.

5. Embrace diversity

Sometimes you are stuck in Archon rank because you are too afraid to try new roles and heroes. For example, if you play offlaner, try playing support or midlaner. Similarly, try different heroes while playing the same role. At times, players are not aware that they can perform better otherwise. This tip has helped scores of players to get out of Archon player. So, do not dare think that it will be a waste of your time.

6. Built map awareness

A well-developed map awareness will help you prevent ganks, allow you for timely rotations, and aid you in strategic positioning during team fights. So, place wards and sentries at strategic locations. Plus, keep an eye on the minimap to stay informed of enemy moves. Only then you can defeat the opponents.

7. Work on your communication skills

Effective communication with teammates is crucial. Use pings, voice chat, and concise messages to relay information about enemy positions, strategies, and objectives.

8. Learn proper itemization and efficient use of resources

In Archon rank, your skills in proper itemization and resource management matter a lot. Assess the unique dynamics of each match to make strategic decisions on item builds, focusing on key items like Black King Bar or Force Staff based on the situation. Plus, efficiently utilise your gold and experience by prioritising last hits and denials during the laning phase, securing a consistent flow of resources for better item acquisitions.

9. Find a coach

You can also get coaching to improve your game skills. With a coach, you can get personalised training. Plus, a coach will also help you learn pro strategies that usually come with experience. You can find a coach on platforms like Fiverr.


To conclude, opt whatever way you have decided to get out of Archon rank, keep two things in mind. One, you need to be consistent in your effort. Second, you need to remain cool-headed because if you get frustrated you will lose motivation to play the game. So, do remember these two things as you apply all the above tips, you will get out of the Archon rank very soon.

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