How to Stand Out on Social Media: 3 Best Tips for Newbies

How to Stand Out on Social Media: 3 Best Tips for Newbies


According to a 2022 study, more than 4.9 billion people worldwide use social media. This is slightly more than half of the total number of inhabitants of the planet – just imagine it .This is an amazing figure. Moreover, searchers predict that in 3 years the number of users may grow to 6 billion.

Exciting, isn’t it? But what is most striking: among the almost 5 billion people, there are only a few million who have been able to succeed in the online space. Why? The answer is simple – competition.

However, if you plan to become famous on social media or even want to make it your job, the plan is quite real and feasible. The main thing here is to know how to stand out and apply this knowledge in practice.

In today’s article, we’ve collected 3 simple but brilliant tips for beginners in marketing. Believe us, promotion is much easier than nuclear physics or higher mathematics. Especially if you use third-party support from professional services such as, which have hundreds of different incentives for influencers and entrepreneurs in all social networks. Well, about everything in order, read on!

Where to begin?

1. Choose the best resource

Before you start promoting and creating a competitive account, you need to understand which platform is the ideal for you. At the same time, you can evaluate several factors at once, like the average age of the audience and the number of users. These are the main metrics that you should pay attention to.

As an example, Insta is a good platform if you are a young entrepreneur or a future influencer. The audience here is quite young (on average 25-34 years old), large (2.4 billion users) and loyal to business and personal brands. While Twitter (X) and LinkedIn are mostly used by people between 30 and 55. So, choosing the right platform is one of the mandatory steps.

When you understand who your target audience is and which platform you plan to use for your development and growth.

Move on

2. Keep up with the times

Trends are the engine of the process. They are a kind of powerful tool for influencers, especially beginners who have not yet found their audience. The fact is that in conditions of fairly fierce competition, it is almost impossible to stand out without trends. Why? The algorithms of most websites simply won’t recommend you to a wide audience.

To avoid such problems, attract an audience faster and improve your page statistics, start following trends – shoot short funny videos, use popular music and stylish visual elements. All this combined will have a positive effect on your page, and you’ll see the result.

But don’t overdo it, remember that it’s better to publish high-quality content rarely than bad content often.

3. Make your page thrive through professional services

Every business has its own little secret of success, and marketing is no exception. This is rarely talked about, but… To achieve certain results, influencers and entrepreneurs invest in their pages, making them more competitive. Investments can be different: hiring specialists, buying advertising, or, finally, purchasing additional incentives.

The last of these options are the most favorite among experienced creators. Why? It’s simple – they get the necessary metrics instantly, quickly and cheaply. A result that is usually achieved in a couple of months (or even years) you can get it in just a few hours.

What is noteworthy is that all the metrics that you can buy are absolutely legal – real active users interact with the page. But it’s worth choosing a company wisely, so as not to accidentally buy bots or “dead” pages. That’s all. Good luck!

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