Interface i/f

Interface i/f


What Does Interface (i/f) Mean?

An interface defines a group or set of methods that have not been implemented yet. When a class implements an interface, it provides implementations for all the methods defined in that interface. A class can implement multiple interfaces. Interfaces can also include constant declarations along with method definitions.

One disadvantage of interfaces is that all interface methods must be public, and only abstract methods are allowed in an interface. However, because these methods are implicit, they are not explicitly declared.

Explains the Interface

An interface can be understood with a simple analogy. Think of a TV, a remote control, and the user. When the user presses a button on the remote, the TV responds, even though the user doesn’t know how the TV works internally. Here, the remote control acts as an interface between the user and the TV.

Similarly, in programming, an interface defines a set of methods that a class must implement without specifying how they are implemented. This allows unrelated classes to share common methods through the interface.

Interfaces are useful in several scenarios:

  • When different classes need to implement the same set of methods, defined in an interface.
  • When a language doesn’t support multiple class inheritance, interfaces provide a way to achieve similar functionality.
  • When you want to reveal an object’s functionality without revealing its implementation details.


What is an interface?

An interface is a boundary or surface where two different systems meet and interact with each other. For example, the interface between oil and water is where these two substances meet and do not mix. In computing, an interface defines a set of methods that a class must implement, forming a contract between the class and the outside world.

Can you provide an example of an interface?

Certainly! In computing, methods act as an interface between an object and the outside world. For instance, the buttons on a TV serve as an interface between the user and the TV’s internal electronics. When you press the “power” button on your TV remote, you’re interacting with the TV through its interface to turn it on or off.

What does the term “interface definition class” mean?

In programming, an interface definition class is a structure or syntax that specifies certain properties or behaviors that must be implemented by a class. This ensures that objects created from that class adhere to a specific contract or set of rules.

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