7 Business Card Trends to Keep in Mind in 2024

7 Business Card Trends to Keep in Mind in 2024


In 2024, the world of business cards will see a unique change. So many design changes are happening, from sophisticated designs making a comeback to AI becoming a massive part of business card designs. Irrespective of the size of your business, ensure you adapt to these business card changes in 2024. Business cards are an essential marketing tool, a branding piece you hand from person to person. Whether you invest in a heavy marketing campaign or not, you should invest in a business card. When doing so, look at these trends as they are ruling 2024.

You can use free fonts to design a beautiful business card.

7 business card trends to keep in mind in 2024

Sophisticated business trends

In 2024, business cards are adopting a new trend—basic but not boring. The designers are choosing sophisticated business card designs that are minimal but elegant. The minimal business card trend follows clean lines, simple shapes, and limited color palettes. In 2024, this is a bit different, focusing on neutral colors, ample negative space, and plain fonts. Due to this, they might feel simple, but they feel enhanced. They use soft and simple tones like light tans and greens. Moreover, the fonts used here are sans serif and serif, with small text and massive negative space.

Business cards with QR codes

A few businesses are choosing this trend. And it will continue in 2024, too. It is best for people who want the recipient to save the details on their phone but still use various digital cards. For them, going this route is best. In this, they create a business card and add a QR code. So, anyone can scan the QR code, and all the details are added to their phone. For instance, metal business cards with QR codes are becoming famous. Metal is a better material than paper, so it appeals to people, and adding a QR code ensures the recipient has your details.

Designing a custom font is one way to convey your brand’s personality while guaranteeing you have something truly unique. This trend embraces that concept but in a very specific way. In 2024, brands will continue.

Using bold, customized fonts

Another major business card trend is to use bold, customized fonts. Firstly, it shows bravery and boldness on the part of the owner of the cards. More importantly, the bold custom font becomes the focus of the card. When creating a card with a custom font design, you have options like shapes, scale, and kerning to communicate your brand’s personality. Moreover, when using custom bold fonts, contrast is essential. The overall color scheme should undoubtedly contrast with the color of the font. Also, the fonts you use do not have to be complicated; choose a simple font and make it bold. Using custom bold fonts ensures people remember your business. It does act as your brand’s logo, helping people put a face to the card.

Beautiful patterns

The trends of 2024 related to business cards feel like they are contrasting. There are trends in which designs use simple fonts and neutral colors. On the other hand, designs focus on complex colors and patterns in the card. As a business, it depends on how you want people to perceive your brand. For instance, if you want the business to look complex, going with cards with intricate but stunning patterns works like a high-contrast color palette with packed lines. It asks the consumer more time to spend on the card and look for details. Thus, it is perfect for businesses wanting more time from their customers. It makes your business card unpredictable.

Black business cards

In 2024, a trend that will be quite popular will be business cards in dark colors. This trend breaks away from light-colored and traditional white cards. The black business cards will be classic but will have a dark edge. It is still a minimalistic business card that stands out, evoking intrigue that captures the interest of anyone who receives it.

Make the card an offer

Multiple business owners are creating cards, which turn them into offers. For instance, they add coupons to the card, or the card itself is the coupon. Business cards with discounts and offers make them more appealing to clients and prospective customers.

Breaking traditions

Going a different route and adding a personal touch to your business card is a trend in 2024. It means using your signature on the card or so on. Moreover, you can choose a design or make it more than a card, like a business card in the shape of a bookmark, serving two purposes.


As you start working on creating business cards for your brand in 2024, remember these trends. Focus on what your business is about and what your brand personality is. Using ideas from these, you can create an aesthetically pleasing business card. At the same time, it should be functional and provide the details a person is looking for. Is there any business card trend this blog missed? If yes, comment down below.

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