Eight Sleep: Revolutionizing Sleep Technology with Pod 3

Eight Sleep: Revolutionizing Sleep Technology with Pod 3



In the busy world of sleep tech, Eight Sleep stands out as a leading American company in New York City. They focus on making smart mattresses. The company started in 2014 in San Francisco, founded by Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini and Alexandra Zatarain. They got noticed fast because they have a cool way of making sleep better.

The Evolution of Eight Sleep

In 2015, Eight Sleep started its journey by asking people for support and money through crowdfunding. This shows they had a clear idea and were serious about using new technology. Over the next few years, they got even bigger by getting money from different investors. In 2018 and 2021, they got a lot of money in two big rounds called Series B and Series C.

Then, in 2022, Eight Sleep did something smart. They bought Span Health, a company that helps people with their health. This move shows that Eight Sleep cares about not just sleep but also about people’s overall well-being.

Flagship Products of Eight Sleep

The main products from Eight Sleep are the Pod 3 Mattress and the Pod 3 Cover. The mattress is kind of firm, a bit harder than the original mattress. It has extra layers to spread heat.

Pod 3 Mattress and the Pod 3 Cover by Eight Sleep

At the heart of Eight Sleep’s product lineup is the Pod mattress cover, a groundbreaking innovation designed to regulate temperatures between 55°F and 110°F. The Pod dynamically adjusts throughout the night to optimize users’ sleep experience, enhancing the duration of deep and REM sleep stages. If you’re looking for additional tips on how to get more REM sleep, there are several strategies that may help improve the quality and length of this crucial stage of the sleep cycle. Clinical data attests to a remarkable 34% increase in deep sleep, a 19% improvement in heart rate variability and an overall sleep quality enhancement of 32%.

What is Eight Sleep Mattress Pod 3 Cover?

The Pod 3 cover is like the heart and brain of what Eight Sleep does. To make sure you have the perfect temperature for sleep, the cover has something called an Active Grid. Inside it, there are tubes that carry cool or warm water to your side of the bed. The Active Grid also has sensors that keep an eye on your heart rate, how you breathe when you sleep and how much you move around. Eight Sleep says the Pod 3 does a much better job of tracking these things than their older versions.

What does Eight Sleep’s Pod Cover do?

The Eight Sleep Pod Cover does two main things: it helps control the temperature, and it tracks your sleep. You need to download the Eight Sleep app and pay for a yearly subscription to use these features. The cover also acts like a low-profile topper because it has a layer of foam sewn on top.

Controls the Temperature

The Pod Cover is super impressive when it comes to cooling and heating. You can set the temperature from 55 to 110 degrees. You use the Eight Sleep app to adjust the temperature with a digital Temp Dial. It takes a few minutes for the cover to reach the temperature you set, so set the timer a bit earlier than when you plan to sleep. If you share the bed with someone, both of you can have different temperatures on your sides.

What’s smart is the cover can change the temperature during the night based on your body temperature, sleep cycle and room conditions. It learns your ideal temperature over about a week using artificial intelligence. Warmer settings make it feel like a thick electric blanket and the foam adds to the coziness. Even when set to a lower temperature, the foam doesn’t trap heat and the surface feels cool.

The cover can also wake you up. You set a wake-up time in the app and the Active Grid gradually changes the temperature to wake you up. You can choose a vibrating alarm or a mix of both. The mattress goes back to room temperature after you get up.

Tracks Your Sleep

The Active Grid in the cover does more than temperature. It has sensors that track different things, giving you a daily sleep score.

Eight Sleep App Tracking

  • Time spent asleep: This is how long you sleep on your mattress in 24 hours, including naps. It affects your sleep score the most.
  • Sleep latency: This is how long it takes you to fall asleep. More than 30 minutes hurts your score.
  • Sleep and wake-up times: Your score gets better if you go to bed and wake up at similar times every day. It looks at averages over the past seven days.

You get your sleep report and score in the app every morning. The app also shows if your data is consistent with your normal sleep routine and gives tips to recover after a rough night.

The app has meditation, guided breathing, and exercise programs to help you sleep better. You can sync the Eight Sleep app with other tracking apps like Google Fit to compare data. While the Pod Cover doesn’t track as much as other devices on the market and is more expensive, it’s way more comfortable. Also, other trackers don’t have the temperature control like the Pod Cover.

How to Use the Eight Sleep’s Mattress Pod 3 Cover?

When your Eight Sleep Pod Cover arrives, you’ll get two boxes. Open them up, and you’ll find two parts of the cover and the Hub. The Pod comes with paper instructions but you can also use the app, which you’ll need to download to control the Pod.

Eight Sleep App

Follow this quick guide:

  1. Put the cover on the mattress: Make sure it covers all the corners and attach the straps to the loops on the sides, under the mattress. Don’t make the straps tight yet.
  2. Take the top part of the cover and lay it over the bottom part on the mattress: The tubes should be at the head of the bed. Zip the top cover onto the bottom one all the way around. Now, tighten the straps.
  3. Put the Hub somewhere near an outlet by your bed: Connect the water tubes to the Hub and plug in the USB.
  4. Fill the Hub’s tank with water. This water is used to heat and cool the Pod.
  5. App’s instructions: Follow them to connect the Pod to WiFi and set everything up right.
  6. You’ll need to do something called priming: This is where water fills the mat to push out air bubbles, making sure the Pod works well (takes about three hours). You’ll have to do this every two to three months to keep the Pod working well. The app will remind you when to do it again.

If you’re looking to improve your recovery, get better sleep, or just be more comfy in bed, the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover might be just what you need.

Eight Sleep Integration and Innovation

Beyond temperature control, Eight Sleep has seamlessly integrated its offerings with Amazon’s Echo devices, exemplifying a commitment to user-friendly technology. The company continues to push boundaries, launching the third generation of the Pod, known as Pod 3, in 2022.

Eight Sleep’s Accurate Metrics without Additional Devices

A distinctive feature of Eight Sleep’s products is their ability to track sleep and health metrics without requiring users to wear additional devices. The accuracy of readings rivals standalone devices, with heart rate tracking reaching an impressive 99% accuracy and respiratory rate tracking at 98% accuracy.

Market Competitons of Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep faces competition from different areas:

  1. Traditional mattress companies like Tempur-Sealy and Serta-Simmons: These are the companies that have been making mattresses for a long time.
  2. Other companies in mattress technology like Sleepme and Sleep Number: These are companies that, like Eight Sleep, focus on making mattresses but with different technologies.
  3. Companies in wearables like WHOOP and Oura: These are not mattress companies but they compete with Eight Sleep in the area of devices you wear, like rings or fitness trackers.

So, Eight Sleep is competing with companies that make regular mattresses, those with similar mattress technology and even those making wearable devices.

Critical Acclaim and User Feedback

Eight Sleep’s innovative approach has garnered positive reviews from technology reviewers.

  • Newsweek hails the Mattress Pod Pro system as the “mattress of the future,” emphasizing its temperature control system as a major selling point.
  • New York Magazine recognizes Eight Sleep’s smart mattresses as the only ones reliably providing temperature control.

However, user experiences vary, as highlighted by a Forbes reviewer who expressed mild anxiety over the product penalizing their sleep score for bedtime deviations.

Future of Eight Sleep

In the future, Eight Sleep plans to do some cool things. They want to add blackout curtains to their system. These curtains will help control the temperature in your room to make it just right for your sleep. Also, they’re thinking about adding more sensors to track your health even better.

So, Eight Sleep is planning to make your sleep experience even more personalized and advanced. The company’s upcoming product aims to capture advanced imaging for illness detection, showcasing a commitment to evolving technologies in the pursuit of better sleep and overall health.

To Sum Up

In the bustling realm of sleep technology, Eight Sleep emerges as a trailblazing company dedicated to revolutionizing sleep experiences. From its inception in 2014 to strategic acquisitions and advancements like the Pod 3 Cover, Eight Sleep remains at the forefront of innovation.

The company’s commitment to user-friendly technology is evident in its seamless integration with Amazon’s Echo devices. The Pod Cover’s ability to regulate temperature and track sleep metrics without extra devices showcases Eight Sleep’s dedication to simplifying and enhancing the sleep journey.

As Eight Sleep looks ahead, its vision includes personalized heating and cooling with blackout curtains and the incorporation of advanced sensors for comprehensive health tracking. The future product’s focus on illness detection further underscores Eight Sleep’s commitment to evolving technologies for improved sleep and overall well-being.

In a landscape teeming with competitors, Eight Sleep navigates the market with a unique blend of mattress technology, wearables and a customer-centric approach. While critical acclaim lauds its futuristic mattress systems, user feedback reflects diverse experiences, highlighting the individualized nature of sleep preferences.

Ultimately, Eight Sleep envisions a future where sleep is not merely restful but an optimized and personalized experience, marking a transformative journey toward better sleep and health.

Eight Sleep FAQ’s

When was Eight Sleep founded and where?

Eight Sleep was founded in 2014 in San Francisco by Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini and Alexandra Zatarain.

What are the main products of Eight Sleep?

The main products from Eight Sleep are the Pod 3 Mattress and the Pod 3 Cover.

How does the Eight Sleep Pod Cover regulate temperature?

The Pod Cover uses an Active Grid with embedded tubing to circulate cool or warm water, allowing users to set temperatures between 55°F and 110°F.

What additional features does the Pod 3 Cover offer, apart from temperature control?

The Pod 3 Cover serves as a non-wearable sleep tracker, monitoring metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate and sleep cycles.

How does the Eight Sleep Pod Cover track sleep without additional devices?

The cover has sensors in its Active Grid that track metrics such as time spent asleep, sleep latency, and sleep and wake-up times, providing users with a daily sleep score.

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