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In the vast digital landscape, stands as a prominent player, offering a home for countless digital images and albums. Launched in 2006, this Russian photo hosting service has evolved over the years to become a juggernaut in the world of online image storage.

Here in this exploration, we’ll explain the details of, its history, functionalities and its remarkable journey in the realm of online photo hosting.

The Name:

The nomenclature of is intriguing. It derives its name from the fusion of two components:

  • IMG: An HTML tag used for image design.
  • SRC: A parameter of the IMG tag that designates the path to the image file.

For Example:

<img src="" alt="Techbonafide" width="1200" height="628"> History and Functionality started their journey in January 2006 and it quickly garnered a sizable user base. By October of the same year, it boasted approximately 12,000 registered users and had witnessed the upload of about one million images.

The service caters to registered users by offering a range of functionalities, which include:

  • Unlimited Data Storage: Users can store their data indefinitely.
  • Image Upload: Users can simultaneously upload up to 300 image files, with each image limited to a maximum size of 20 megabytes and a resolution of up to 12 megapixels.
  • Mobile Upload: Users can upload images from their mobile phones, expanding the platform’s accessibility.
  • Album Customization: The service allows users to change the order of photos within an album.
  • Privacy Features: Registered users can safeguard their albums from third-party viewers by implementing password protection.
  • Tagging and Search: The platform incorporates a tagging system for albums, facilitating easy search and organization. Additionally, users can alter the site’s visual theme.
  • Social Interaction: Over time, the service has evolved to enable user communication through comments on images. Users can also designate their favorite authors and albums, curating their personalized feed.
  • Ad-Free Experience: A notable feature is the absence of advertising for all registered users, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience.
  • Speed: The platform boasts a swift loading speed for viewed images and complete pages, with an average loading time of less than one second.

During the heyday of LiveJournal, gained prominence for its feature allowing users to copy HTML code for image insertion into their blogs.


On July 8, 2021, faced a temporary blockage in the Russian Federation. The full unblocking was eventually executed by Roskomnadzor on August 9, 2021, marking a notable event in the platform’s history.

Recognition and Popularity of

As of July 2022, is home to approximately 75 million images and hosts a user base of around 1.5 million registered users. The platform garners an impressive monthly traffic of 14 million unique users, reaffirming its stature as a dominant player in the online photo hosting arena. In the Rambler TOP-100 ranking, it claims the top position in the “Culture and Art / Photography” category, a testament to its cultural impact.

Notably, in June 2022, SimilarWeb portal recognized among the top 10 photo sites, placing it alongside prominent players like & Specialized portals have extensively covered the platform’s operations, further solidifying its place in the pantheon of popular photo hosting sites.

Final Words with its rich history, versatile functionalities and robust user base, remains a significant force in the world of online photo hosting.

Its journey from inception to its current status as a top-ranked platform exemplifies its impact and influence in the digital realm. With the ability to cater to diverse user needs while offering a seamless and ad-free experience. continues to be a favorite among millions of users worldwide.

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