Should I Invest In Cox Homelife Security?

Should I Invest In Cox Homelife Security?


Cox Communications has already been a broadband network who is trusted by their users, in a state like US, where they are the 3rd largest network provider in the town having a family of more than 6 million people, gaining the trust is commendable. Cox is operating in 19 states across the US includes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina and Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona and California.

Just like the Cox Internet, they provide their other services like Cox Phone, Cox TV and Cox Homelife, and the thing that has attached users being their user forever is the variety of plans offered by them to facilitate them and choose whatever plan suits them, depending on the usage and budget of an individual. Talking about Cox Homelife, let’s analyze it without wasting your time.

What is a Cox Homelife?

Cox Homelife is a security system designed specially for you to keep an eye on your house when you’re not around. Security is a basic right for everyone and when you talk about the best service provider, we only hear Cox, because over the years, they have gained the trust and interest of users. Imagine, you’re not at your home and want to keep an eye on your Husky, how would you do that, obviously Cox Homelife will make your life easier as it will come with 4 HD cameras to keep an eye on your house and you and your pet is going to feel safer than before.

How do I get my Cox Homelife?

Well, this is not something too hard to think because installing Cox Homelife is very easy. If you already are a Cox user then you don’t have to pay Cox Internet installation fee and all but if you’re not a Cox user, first you’ll need is a Cox Internet Package and a Panoramic WiFI which comes along in any package anyways. After that you will need an HD camera and a Cox Home Door Bell, now we should talk about the cost, right? The cost of the internet would totally depend on you and the usage of your house. Cox Internet basic plan starts from 49.99$ and so goes on. Additional price of 150$ for the doorbell and 120$ for HD Camera would be charged.

How about we discuss the homelife security system with their premium internet package

  • Go Faster

A package that includes Homelife allows 4 continuous HD recording, a Panoramic WiFi and a flash speed of 250mbps download. This package is suitable for users who want to check their mails, watch some HD movies and the best thing you can do in this package is you can keep an eye on your house 24/7.

  • Go Even Faster

This bundle is a joy because it also includes Homelife features as the others, but the thing that makes this bundle more impressive is the download speed. Up to 500 mbps download speed where watching movies or your favorite shows in 4k won’t be a problem for you at all, you want to attend you long hourly call, chill Cox heard you.

  • Go Super-Fast 

This plan is the most premium plan in their variety of combination where Cox is offering the users to take maximum advantage of the plan because in this unlimited bundle of happiness you can get Homelife with all the things same as the other package but you get a terrific 1GBps download speed, so if you are a high end gamer who loves maintaining their rank, or if you are planning for virtual reality or if you are looking for a crazy speedy internet that can fulfil your dream of watching 8K content with no buffering. Just imagine. Fascinating?Why

should I go for Cox Homelife and not others?

Cox has been dealing for years and I believe they have somehow been sort of familiar with the customers and their needs. People have recognized them as their sole provider with good perks. Cox is a fairly well reputed broadband dealing with millions of people. Homelife adds value to your life, and so does the internet and the most important thing for a consumer is when a network like Cox allows them to customize their bundle, add more or less your speed according to the need of your house like how many devices are about to connect.


Homelife Security is a must thing I believe everyone should think about, when no one is around, you should be sure about your house being safe, about your belongings. Cox in terms of giving service to the users is always top notch and that is why they are liked by millions.

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