Closed network of computers to a building showing the concept of intranet



An intranet is like a private internet just for a company or organization. It uses the same kind of technology as the internet (Internet Protocol or IP) but is only accessible to people within that organization. Unlike the internet which everyone can use, an intranet is a closed network where only members of the organization can share data or access applications.

Intranets often include one or more private websites that are important for employees to communicate and work together efficiently. They form a part of the organization’s IT backbone helping keep everything running smoothly and securely.


An intranet uses internet-style technology and concepts but is designed for private internal use within a company. Essentially, it’s a company’s private version of the internet. Typically an intranet includes shared web applications that only employees can access. Common uses for an intranet include storing important internal information like employee contact details, calendars and other resources that help employees collaborate and manage their daily tasks efficiently.

Feature Intranet Internet
Accessibility Only accessible to specific organization members. Accessible to anyone worldwide.
Purpose Used for internal communication and collaboration within a company or organization. Used for global communication, information sharing and services.
Privacy Highly secure and private, typically requiring login credentials. Publicly accessible, less controlled privacy.
Content Contains specific content relevant to the organization, such as employee manuals, internal reports and proprietary data. Contains a vast range of content from various sources, including commercial, educational and entertainment content.
Management Managed internally by the organization’s IT department. Managed by various stakeholders including private companies, government bodies and international organizations.
Network Type A closed network that is not usually accessible outside the organization. A globally distributed open network.
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