Shortwave Email App Finally Launched for Android Users

Google Shortwave Email App Finally Launched for Android Users


Ex-Google Employees Developed Shortwave

The Shortwave email app, a spiritual successor to Google Inbox, was created by a team of ex-Google employees. Google Inbox was discontinued in 2019, leaving a vacuum filled by Shortwave.

18-Month Beta Test Concludes with Launch

After 18 months of beta testing, Shortwave version 1.0 is now fully operational on Android. Users can download the app from Google Play.

Shortwave Premium Comes with a Cost

Shortwave offers free use of its basic version. However, a premium version with additional features comes with a $9 monthly subscription.

Inbox-Like Features Revived in Shortwave

The app revives many loved features from Inbox. These include Bundles, Delivery Schedules, and options to pin, snooze, archive, and delete emails.

Artificial Intelligence Enhances User Experience

Shortwave incorporates AI to provide smart replies. Users can also mark emails en masse with a sweep button.

Free Version Limitations

The free version limits users to a 90-day searchable email history. The monthly subscription lifts this restriction.

Web Application, Not a Native Android App

Android Police notes that Shortwave is a web application, not a native Android app. The 1.0 release is closer to its iOS version than the beta was.

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