Free Spy Apps for Iphone without Installing on Target Phone

Free Spy Apps for Iphone without Installing on Target Phone


Locating the perfect Free Spy Apps for Iphone without Installing on target phone can be quite the task, especially for those wanting to keep tabs on their loved ones or employees discreetly. These apps provide a comforting sense of security, enabling users to check in on phone calls, social media interactions and even the whereabouts of the person they’re monitoring without being physically present.

However, sifting through the myriad of options to find a reliable and free spy app that’s also safe but can be difficult. To make this easier, a comparison of the top five spyware apps has been conducted. This analysis takes into account several factors, including the availability of free versions: be it through trials, demos or money-back guarantees, additionally the cost of upgrading for more features and the overall value provided in relation to the cost.

This approach ensures that individuals looking for such solutions can make an informed decision based on a balanced consideration of affordability, functionality and security.

An Overview of Free Spy Apps for Iphone (No Installation)

Let’s take a peek at the top free spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone, giving you a taste of what each one has in store:

  • mSpy: Widely regarded as the top choice for phone spying, mSpy offers an extensive array of features. From remote device controls to call recording, GPS tracking and even geofencing, it has all for you. Plus, it boasts a robust refund policy.
  • uMobix: Known for its user-friendliness, uMobix is perfect for beginners. It packs features like remote microphone and camera controls, access to deleted files and reliable GPS tracking.
  • Spynger: Geared towards those with concerns about their partners, Spynger is a feature-rich tool. It allows you to record the screen, access files (including deleted content) and more.
  • Scannero: If you’re in need of a top-notch location tracker, Scannero is your go-to app. It’s incredibly discreet and comes at an affordable price, starting from just $0.89. Plus, it only requires the target user’s phone number.
  • SpyBubblePro: Ideal for uncovering hidden apps and deleted content, SpyBubblePro is great for monitoring leading dating apps. It even lets you track down renamed contacts, giving you comprehensive coverage.

These sneak peeks offer a glimpse into what each free spy app brings to the table, helping you narrow down your options before getting into the details.

1. mSpy: The Best Phone Spy App

mSpy: The Best Phone Spy App


MSpy stands out as one of the premier spy apps and parental control tools in today’s market. It boasts an extensive range of features, with 36 different functions, making it a comprehensive solution for monitoring devices.


Setting up mSpy is easy, it takes only a few minutes to start tracking a device. Once installed, the app provides real-time updates on the device’s activity every five minutes. Users can get into text messages, social media interactions and browsing history. Additionally, mSpy app offers screen recording and keylogging tools, ensuring no activity goes unnoticed, even including access to deleted files. The app goes a step further by allowing users to control the microphone and camera remotely, capturing the device’s surroundings and recording phone calls.

Undetectable Operation

mSpy operates discreetly, remaining undetectable to the device user. This ensures that monitoring activities do not interfere with the device’s normal operation or alert the user to being tracked.

Demo and Refund Policy

For those considering mSpy, the app provides a full demo of its capabilities. Additionally, users benefit from a 14-day refund policy. This means if the product fails to meet expectations, an instant refund can be obtained.


  • Powerful remote control tools.
  • Complete access to files on the device.
  • Ability to block undesirable websites and apps.
  • Precise GPS tracking with geofencing capabilities.


  • Designed for tracking only one device.

Overall, mSpy emerges as a top contender in the world of spy apps, offering robust features, user-friendly operation and reliable performance.

2. uMobix: User-Friendly Monitoring at Your Fingertips

uMobix: User-Friendly Monitoring at Your Fingertips


UMobix steps up as a robust with easy to navigate monitoring solution. It is perfect for keeping an eye on a target device. This app stands out with remote control features that rival the likes of mSpy.


With uMobix, users gain the ability to tap into the device’s camera and microphone, offering a clear picture of the surrounding area. It’s not just about visual and audio monitoring but the app extends its reach into messages across various apps, GPS location tracking and even the retrieval of deleted content.

What sets uMobix apart is its versatility in web content control. Unlike some competitors, it allows for the blocking of specific websites and phrases. Furthermore, it can send alerts triggered by these specified conditions, ensuring the device adheres to predefined usage standards.

Need a closer look? uMobix makes it possible to capture screenshots of the device’s display on demand. This feature, along with comprehensive app alerts and monitoring capabilities, places uMobix in the same league as mSpy regarding functionality and the scope of its free offerings.

Trial Period

Although uMobix does not present a 14-day free trial period same as of mSpy, instead, it offers ample opportunity for users to familiarize themselves with the app’s features and functionalities.


  • Advanced remote control capabilities.
  • Ability to retrieve deleted files and messages.
  • Capability for on-demand screen captures.
  • Detailed app alerts and monitoring.


  • Absence of geofencing feature.

UMobix emerges as a top choice for those seeking a comprehensive, yet straightforward monitoring app. Its blend of advanced features with an intuitive design ensures that even new users can effectively track and manage a target device’s activity.

3. Spynger: The Go-To App for Monitoring Partners

Spynger: The Go-To App for Monitoring Partners


Spynger is tailored for individuals who suspect their partners might be stepping out of line. It excels in covert monitoring, offering a suite of features that provide insights into the target’s digital life.


At the heart of Spynger’s functionality is its keylogger capability, capturing every keystroke on the device. This means nothing is off-limits: chats, notes and even passwords fall within your purview. Beyond this, Spynger grants unfettered access to messages, browsing history, call logs and even items the user tried to erase.

Real-time monitoring is another of Spynger’s strengths. Its ability to capture live screenshots lets you observe device usage as it happens, offering an unfiltered view of the target’s digital behavior.

Geofencing is yet another feather in its cap. With Spynger, you can mark out geographical boundaries and receive alerts whenever the device enters or exits these zones, keeping you informed of the user’s physical movements.


However, Spynger isn’t without its flaws. Unlike some of its rivals, it lacks the functionality to block access to specific apps or websites. This feature is particularly useful for parental control or helping someone manage a social media obsession, areas where Spynger falls short.

Pricing and Refund Policy

While Spynger may offer fewer freebies compared to some of its competitors, it counters with a generous 30-day refund policy, outpacing the offerings of mSpy. Its pricing, specially on annual plans, is also competitive that provides good value for those committed to long-term monitoring.


  • Live and on-demand screen recording for immediate monitoring.
  • Efficient keylogger that misses nothing.
  • Extensive surveillance across social media and messaging apps.
  • Superior location tracking with geofencing capabilities.


  • Lacks the ability to block apps or websites.

Spynger stands out as a specialized tool for those focused on keeping tabs on their partners. While it offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities and excellent location tracking, its inability to block content may limit its appeal for those seeking more control over the target device. Nonetheless, its competitive pricing and extended refund period make it an option worth considering for dedicated surveillance needs.

4. Scannero: The Ultimate Number-Based Location Tracker

Scannero: The Ultimate Number-Based Location Tracker


Unique in its approach, Scannero offers a streamlined solution for location tracking that requires just a phone number. With its affordability and ease of use, it’s almost same to a free service, particularly with its minimal cost of $0.89.


The process is straightforward and anonymous, requiring no software installation. This simplicity contributes to its widespread appeal. Within a mere two minutes, Scannero can pinpoint the location of a loved one, making it a valuable tool for those prioritizing location tracking above all else.

While it operates without the target’s consent—triggered by clicking a link sent via messenger, SMS, or email, its optimal use is for parental oversight. It also finds a place in relationships where trust is under construction or simply for finding your own misplaced device. The service provides a clear, detailed map showing the precise location of the person you’re tracking, complete with coordinates and street information.


However, Scannero’s focus on location tracking means it lacks broader spy functionalities. There’s no capacity to monitor social media interactions, browser history or other digital footprints. It’s tailored for those who need straightforward, efficient location tracking without the frills.


  • Only needs the tracker’s phone number.
  • Exceptionally affordable.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Limited to location tracking without additional spying features.

Scannero stands out for its unique, number-based tracking system that offering a quick way to locate loved ones. Its cost effectiveness and simplicity make it an attractive choice for specific needs, particularly for parents and those in relationships seeking reassurance through location tracking. While it may not offer the comprehensive monitoring of other spy apps, its efficiency in what it does provide is unmatched.

5. SpyBubblePro: Unveiling Hidden Truths in Relationships

SpyBubblePro: Unveiling Hidden Truths in Relationships


SpyBubblePro stands out as a beacon for those in relationships seeking clarity about their partner’s fidelity. It is designed to address the anxieties that come with suspecting a partner of being unfaithful, this app aims to either quell those fears or confirm them.

Trust and Pricing

While it doesn’t offer a free trial, bearing in mind that entirely free spy services are often unreliable or lacking but SpyBubblePro does provide a free demo alongside a reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee. Priced at a competitive $12.49 per month, it promises a comprehensive suite of features that justify its cost.


This app excels in the realm of uncovering obscured truths. Users can monitor texts, calls and even set restrictions on these communications remotely. Social media monitoring spans across popular platforms like YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, not to mention scrutiny over various dating applications.

The true prowess of SpyBubblePro lies in its unparalleled ability to reveal deleted or hidden content, including messages, contacts and media files, as well as detecting when a contact name has been discreetly altered.

In addition to its spying capabilities, SpyBubblePro enables remote access to the device’s microphone and camera, providing real-time insights into the environment surrounding the person of interest. Location tracking is also part of the package, although, unlike its competitors uMobix and mSpy, SpyBubblePro does not support geofencing and it lacks the feature to record calls.


  • Comprehensive feature set.
  • Ensures complete discretion.
  • Compatible with all iOS and Android devices.
  • Reveals hidden and deleted content.
  • Offers robust remote control functions.


  • Does not offer call recording.
  • Geofencing is absent.

SpyBubblePro is tailored for those grappling with doubts about their partners, offering tools to uncover truths hidden behind deleted or disguised content. Its blend of monitoring capabilities and remote control options make it a formidable ally in seeking peace of mind. While it may miss out on some features like call recording and geofencing, its strengths in exposing what’s concealed arguably place it at the forefront of apps designed to aid in relationship transparency.


Can I really spy on an iPhone without installing software on the target phone?

Yes, some spy apps offer solutions that don’t require you to install software on the target iPhone, especially if you have the iCloud credentials of the target device.

Are free spy apps safe to use?

While some apps offer legitimate monitoring solutions with free trials or demos, always research the app’s security measures and privacy policies to ensure your data and the target’s privacy are respected.

Do I need to jailbreak the target iPhone to use spy apps?

Many spy apps now offer no jailbreak solutions, requiring only iCloud credentials for monitoring. However, features might be limited compared to a jailbroken solution.

Can the target user detect the spy app on their iPhone?

The best spy apps are designed to run stealthily in the background without detection. However, the app’s discretion and undetectability can vary between services.

Final Words

In the quest to maintain safety, security and peace of mind, the role of spy apps in today’s digital age cannot be overstated. Whether it’s keeping tabs on loved ones for their safety or ensuring that employees are upholding their responsibilities, the importance of selecting the right spy app is important. This comprehensive overview of free spy apps for iphone without installing on target phone serves as a crucial guide in navigating this complex issue.

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