The Best Speedometer Apps

The Best Speedometer Apps


In this digital world, knowing your speed can be sometimes important either its running or driving. Thankfully, your smartphone can serve as a handy speedometer with the help of some specialized apps. Let’s dive into the top contenders for the title of the best speedometer apps.

Google Maps: More Than Just Navigation

At the forefront is Google Maps, a navigation app used by over two billion people worldwide. While primarily known for guiding you to your destination, Google Maps also includes a built-in speedometer feature.

As you navigate, the app displays your current speed and it even notifies you of speed limitations in the area. While lacking some features present in other apps, Google Maps is a convenient option for those already immersed in its user base.

DigiHUD Speedometer: Simplicity with a Dash of Style

DigiHUD Speedometer offers a minimalistic yet feature-rich experience. Tracking your average speed, trip distance and maximum speed becomes a breeze with its color-changing interface.

Notably, the app provides the option to set speed limits, switch between HUD mode and normal viewing and customize display colors—all without intrusive ads, even in the free version.

GPS Speedometer and Odometer: Offline Accuracy

For those seeking offline functionality, GPS Speedometer and Odometer stands out to be the perfect option. With over 98% GPS accuracy, this app provides details such as trip duration, distance and various speed metrics. Its offline capabilities, quick GPS connection and efficient battery consumption make it a reliable choice for users.

Sygic: A Global Navigation Powerhouse

Sygic boasts a massive user base of over 200 million people globally. While recognized for its offline 3D maps and voice guidance, Sygic also includes a speedometer with high-end safety features.

It goes the extra mile by warning users when they exceed speed limits and offering lane assistance and HUD navigation for a comprehensive navigation experience.

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD: Customizable Alerts

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD prioritizes user customization and safety.

Beyond accurate speed measurements, the app allows users to set and customize speed limits. It goes a step further by changing digit colors and sounding alarms when limits are exceeded, enhancing user awareness and safety.

Speed Tracker: Precision and Functionality

Designed for iPhone users, Speed Tracker excels in accurate speed tracking and offers additional features like kilometers counting and a built-in map for navigation.

With a heads-up display (HUD) option for windshield placement and real-time trip statistics, Speed Tracker ensures a comprehensive speed tracking experience.

Waze: Navigation with a Speedy Touch

A sibling to Google Maps, Waze incorporates a speedometer seamlessly into its interface.

Unlike Google Maps, you don’t need to be actively navigating to view your speed. Waze’s speedometer is easily accessible, providing real-time speed information in the bottom left corner of the screen. Users can customize their speed limit settings for added convenience.


In conclusion, the best speedometer app for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize a familiar interface like Google Maps, the customization options of DigiHUD or the global navigation expertise of Sygic, there’s a speedometer app tailored to enhance your journey.

Choose wisely, stay up-to-date & enjoy your ride!

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