What are the Best Udemy Clone Scripts?

What are the Best Udemy Clone Scripts?


If you are considering stepping into the e-learning industry and already have a million-dollar idea in place, then it’s time to find the right way to execute your plans! But with the slew of big players, you should adopt a method that offers the best product within a limited time and budget.

A Udemy clone script ticks all the boxes and offers all the essential functionalities to create a website like Udemy. Most importantly, it cuts down your time and effort!

There are many Udemy clone scripts out there, and finding the right one that fits your business needs could be challenging! We have listed the best Udemy clone scripts below to make your work easier. So, are you ready to take a giant leap?

7 Best Udemy Clone Scripts for Creating Your E-Learning Website

Here are the 7 best Udemy Clone Scripts that can easily create a Udemy-like website:


The best-in-class Udemy Clone Pinlearn is a white-labeled and self-hosted solution, offering the ultimate solution to building your Udemy marketplace.


  • Live Streaming: With Zoom and Lessonspace integration, tutors can host interactive one-to-one and group live sessions on the platform.
  • Robust Tutor Dashboard & Analytics: The comprehensive tutor dashboard includes controls for appointment management, profile management, course creation, payment and earnings reports.
  • Diverse Monetization Channels: It offers diverse revenue channels for incentivizing live sessions and self-paced courses. Choose a standardized or a tutor-specific commission rate for your platform.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway Solution: The integrated Stripe payment solution provides a convenient and secure way to send and receive payments.

ExpertPlus LMS by BSE-tec

Another clone script that tops the list is ExpertPlus LMS, an open-source learning management system script with a feature-packed list to create your e-learning website.


  • One Tap Login Feature: Streamline the user verification in one step with social networking apps like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Bootstrap Responsive Design: It helps to seamlessly adapt across all devices by adjusting the screen resolution.
  • Easy Content Management System: The structured CMS helps to easily modify the essential website pages to increase traffic and drive conversions.
  • Quizzes: The LMS allows you to integrate interactive quizzes to make learning more engaging.


If you are looking for a user-friendly, white-labeled clone script, the Udemy clone from LogicSpice is a viable option.


  • Easy course management: With a robust dashboard for students, admin, and tutors, the software helps to manage the courses and lectures easily from one place.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: The clone script is functional across all browsers.
  • Add to Cart: This feature helps students add multiple courses to their cart and pay for them altogether.
  • Subscription model: With benefits like unlimited course listing and lifetime updates, the subscription model offers convenience and efficiency.

Trioangle Technologies

Looking for an innovative solution to build your e-learning platform? Then, Trioangle offers an excellent Udemy clone script that helps to establish an e-learning business and also effectively engages the audience.


  • Extensive course categorization: An easy niche-based course categorization helps users find their preferred course easily.
  • Multiple language options: The clone script offers multi-language support where users can select a language based on their region.
  • Certification settings: Once the students complete their course, the platform can issue certificates, adding credibility to their course.
  • Excellent Media Manager: The tutor/admin can add diverse media formats to the course content, like images, MP3s, videos, etc.

Yo! Coach

Yo! Coach is a leading Udemy clone script from FATbit technologies that offers power-packed software to create your e-learning website.


  • Video Courses: With the clone script, tutors can offer video courses along with supplementary material like PDFs, photos, documents, etc.
  • Progress-tracking: Students can track their course status with the advanced progress-tracking features.
  • Real-time analytics: The clone script also offers real-time reports on sales, earnings, and refunds with which admin can tweak changes in the business strategies.
  • Paid Certificates: Earn additional revenue from students who want to avail certificates on course completion.

EduStar by Abservetech

The next clone script, EduStar, includes the essential features and advanced plugins to build a complete e-learning platform.


  • Customizable and secured script: The clone script offers high-security standards and enough room for customizations.
  • Additional advertisement section: Earn additional income by adding Google Adsense or other advertising codes and driving additional traffic
  • Instant notifications: Students and tutors can get instant notifications on platform updates.
  • Free logo: The admin gets a customized logo along with the clone script.


AppDupe offers a robust clone script with a user-friendly UI to create a Udemy-like website.


  • Customized Package: Students can choose a customized learning package and avail multiple courses at a lower cost.
  • Interactive UI: Users can easily navigate the software with an interactive and user-friendly UI.
  • Download Sessions: Students can also download their course content anytime for future reference.
  • Referrals: Using referrals, users can attract other learners to the platform and earn rewards.

The Final Verdict

Udemy clone scripts offer a solid foundation for your business, eliminating time and budget constraints. Choose a clone script that materializes your business model and business idea well. Leverage a feature-rich platform with top-notch features like Pinlearn to make a significant impact in the competitive e-learning industry!

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