Windows 12: Release Date, Recent Updates, Leaks & Pricing Details

Windows 12: Release Date, Recent Updates, Leaks & Pricing Details


Microsoft has been heavily involved with generative AI lately, which might have distracted us from the usual updates about new Windows versions.

However, there’s buzz that changes to Microsoft’s operating system could be on the agenda again.

Since Windows 11 came out in 2021, there’s been talk about when Microsoft will release Windows 12. It looked like they were aiming for a 2024 release, with a plan to announce it in June and launch it in October, similar to how they did with Windows 11. But as of early 2024, there hasn’t been much news, which has left many people curious about what Microsoft is planning next for Windows.

Even though Microsoft hasn’t said much, there are leaks hinting that a Windows 12 announcement might be coming soon. With all the secrecy around official updates, we can only guess and try to put together the bits of information available.

In this article, we’ll go over everything we’ve heard about Windows 12, including when it might be released, how much it could cost, what new features it might have and what kind of computer you’ll need to run it.

Key Points

  • Release Timing: It’s likely that Windows 12 will be released in the latter half of 2024, following Microsoft’s usual schedule for new versions.
  • AI Features: Windows 12 is expected to focus heavily on AI, enhancing the AI capabilities that were part of the Windows 11 update.
  • Start Menu Ads: There might be ads in the Start menu again. This comes after they tried adding ads to Windows 11 but then removed them due to feedback.
  • System Requirements: Running Windows 12 might need better hardware. This includes faster processors, more memory, solid-state drives and graphics cards that support DirectX 12 or newer.
  • Upgrade & Pricing: If you already have Windows 11 or 10, Microsoft might offer Windows 12 as a free upgrade. However, buying Windows 12 as a new user will probably cost about the same as Windows 11 did.

Windows 12 Release Date: What We Know So Far

Everyone is curious about when Windows 12 will be released. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the date yet, but there’s a lot of guesswork going on.

From what we can gather, Windows 12 is expected to be out in the second half of 2024. This would likely mean a release sometime between July and October 2024, which fits the usual timeline for Microsoft’s product launches.

One interesting piece of evidence supporting a 2024 release comes from an interview last year with Intel’s CFO, Dave Zinsner. He mentioned expecting a boost in PC sales due to the launch of Windows 12 the following year.

Upcoming Features in Windows 12: A Focus on AI

Microsoft is well-known for incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its Windows operating system and it looks like Windows 12 will continue this trend.

Although we don’t have official confirmations yet, there’s a lot of excitement about the potential for more advanced AI features than those currently in Windows 11.

Windows 11’s recent update, known as 23H2, brought us Microsoft Copilot, enhancing how we interact with our PCs by making them more personalized and efficient. Building on this, Windows 12 is expected to push AI capabilities even further. Copilot has already improved the way we interact with our computers and upcoming enhancements could deepen this interaction.

For instance, AI could be used to enhance the search feature in the Taskbar, making it easier to find content across Microsoft 365 just by clicking the search icon. Also, the ‘Recommended’ section in File Explorer might get smarter, suggesting files and folders more accurately based on what you usually do.

Another exciting possibility is the use of AI to suggest actions through a virtual assistant. This assistant would predict what you might need next and offer suggestions, potentially streamlining how you work and interact with your PC.

While these features are still speculative, it’s clear that AI will play a significant role in the evolution of Windows 12.

“Keep an eye on the Microsoft Blog to get the official announcement on Windows 12.”

Will Ads Appear in the Windows 12 Start Menu?

Microsoft tried adding ads to the Start menu in a Windows 11 update but quickly removed them due to user feedback. These ads were in the Recommended section, promoting apps from the Microsoft Store to help users discover new apps. There’s some worry that ads might come back in future versions like Windows 12 but nothing is confirmed yet.

What Hardware Will You Need for Windows 12?

Microsoft hasn’t officially released the system requirements for Windows 12 but we can guess what might be needed based on recent technology trends.

First, with more AI features expected in Windows 12, your computer will need to be fairly powerful:

  • CPU Speed: At least 1 gigahertz (GHz).
  • Processor: A 64-bit processor with at least 2 cores.
  • RAM: Between 4-8 GB minimum but 16 GB or more would be ideal for optimal performance.
  • Storage: An SSD (solid-state drive) would be best because they’re faster than traditional hard drives. You’ll probably need at least 256 GB of storage but 512 GB or more is recommended if you have lots of files.
  • Graphics: A graphics card that supports DirectX 12 or newer will likely be necessary.

These specs are just estimates and could change once Microsoft releases more details about Windows 12.

Will Windows 12 Have Different Versions?

Like earlier versions of Windows, we can expect Windows 12 to have different editions, such as Home and Pro versions. These versions cater to different types of users: the Home version for everyday personal use and the Pro version for more advanced needs like business use.

Each version will likely have different features, levels of security and support options, similar to what we see in Windows 11. Microsoft will probably announce the specific editions and their features closer to when Windows 12 is released.

“Typically, When a computer becomes stuck during an update, you receive a warning not to turn it off but if you choose to wait it, Windows stops functioning. This problem is known as computer stuck on preparing windows.”

Windows 12 Pricing

Free Upgrade & Purchase Options?

With the trend of subscription-based software, you might wonder if Microsoft will switch to a subscription model for Windows 12 instead of a one-time purchase. As of now, there’s no indication that this will happen.

It’s expected that Microsoft will continue offering Windows 12 as a free upgrade if you already have a valid license for Windows 11 or possibly Windows 10. This means you wouldn’t have to pay extra to update to the latest version.

But if you need to buy a new copy of Windows 12, the prices are likely to be similar to those of Windows 11. The Home version might cost about $139, which is the current price for Windows 11 Home. The Pro version could be around $199.99 or more. This pricing follows Microsoft’s usual approach and is likely to be the same with Windows 12.


When is Windows 12 coming out?

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced a release date, rumors suggest that Windows 12 is likely to be released between July and October 2024.

What will Windows 12 look like?

Windows 12 is expected to feature a floating and translucent taskbar and include several AI enhancements. However, more specific details haven’t been announced yet.

Will Microsoft Windows 12 require a subscription?

Currently, there’s no indication that Microsoft will switch to a subscription model for Windows 12. It’s more likely that Microsoft will continue offering Windows 12 as a free upgrade for users with a valid license for Windows 11 and possibly even Windows 10.

Is there a Windows 12 Beta?

As of now, there is no beta version of Windows 12 available. However, you will be updated if a beta, Windows 12 ISO or release date becomes available.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Windows or just love technology, the idea of more AI features in the next Windows version is pretty exciting. Although we don’t have many details yet, Microsoft is known for always trying to add new and improved features to make their software better with each release. We’re all eager to see what Windows 12 will look like when they officially announce it.

AI is becoming more common in all types of software, so it’s likely that Windows 12 will include even more AI features. But it’s not just about AI, Microsoft is also expected to focus on making Windows 12 run smoother, increasing security and ensuring it works well with different apps.

As for the Windows 12 logo, we still don’t know what it will look like but it would be similar to the old format!

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