Is 123Movies Safe?

Is 123Movies Safe?


123Movies, a longstanding unofficial streaming site, was known for its extensive movie library. Despite being shut down by US and Vietnamese authorities, several clone sites still operate. However, the safety of 123Movies remains a topic of debate.

Users have expressed concerns about using 123Movies mirror sites due to potential risks like copyright infringement, viruses, and malware.

After examining the site and its clones, we have gathered information on its safety. We recommend protecting yourself by using a reliable antivirus if you choose to visit the site.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies was a highly popular piracy website that allowed users to stream and download movies and TV shows for free. It originated in Vietnam but was accessible globally, including in the UK, the US, and the EU.

In 2018, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) began investigating 123Movies for its role in distributing pirated content. The site boasted a vast collection of movies and around 98 million active users, making it the world’s leading streaming site for pirated content.

Is 123Movies Still Working?

After being identified by the MPAA as the largest pirate site globally in 2018, the original 123Movies website was shut down in collaboration with Vietnamese authorities.

Despite the closure of the official 123Movies site, numerous unofficial streaming sites have emerged, often referred to as ‘mirror’ sites or clones. These sites use the 123Movies brand to attract users seeking free movie and TV show streaming.

While the original 123Movies site is no longer operational, various clone sites exist, including:

  • (considered the most safe)

Important: One thing to keep in mind: while we have mentioned a few of the most popular sites, we do not recommend that you engage in illegal streaming activities. The legality of this may differ by country.”

Is 123Movies Safe?

Using 123Movies is not completely safe. The level of protection you get from 123Movies depends on the mirror site you choose. However, all sites like 123Movies, including their mirror sites, carry typical threats that can be prevented with reliable antivirus software.

Malicious Ads & Annoying Pop-Ups

123Movies and similar sites generate revenue through advertisements. While some ads are harmless, others can be malicious. Clicking on these ads can lead to third-party websites that track your IP address, collect your data, or steal personal information. Some ads may also distribute malware or expose you to phishing attacks.

Malware Infection

Free movie streaming sites often contain malware and viruses that can harm your device or steal your data. Common types of malware found on these sites include:

  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Rootkits
  • Spyware
  • Fileless malware

You can become infected by clicking on malicious links, downloading infected files, or viewing ad pop-ups.

Among computer malwares there is a common type of virus known as Webcord.

Spoofed Links

Unofficial streaming platforms like 123Movies may contain links that appear legitimate but are actually designed to trick you into clicking. These links can lead to phishing attacks, where your data is stolen or a virus is downloaded onto your device.

Is it legal to use 123movies?

The legality of using 123Movies mirror sites varies depending on your country’s copyright laws. In some countries, there are no specific regulations governing copyright infringement and piracy. However, streaming or downloading pirated content is illegal in most countries. In nations with stringent piracy regulations, copyright infringement can result in hefty fines or even imprisonment.

Online piracy legality in different countries

Here’s a summary of online piracy legality in different countries:

Countries with Strict Copyright Laws Countries that Don’t Prosecute Copyright Offenses Countries Allowing Piracy for Personal Use
Australia Argentina Finland
China (depending on the region) Brazil France
Finland Canada Germany
France Colombia Italy
Germany Czech Republic Japan
Italy Denmark Malaysia
Japan Egypt Portugal
Malaysia Greece South Africa
Portugal India The UK
South Africa Iran The US
The UK Israel UAE
The US Mexico
UAE Netherlands

It is advisable to avoid unofficial streaming sites, even if they are accessible in your country. Opt for legal alternatives, as pirate sites pose security and privacy risks that could have serious consequences.

Can I Be Sued For Using 123Movies?

The legal consequences of using 123Movies depend on your location. If you’re in the US, the UK, Australia, some parts of China, or countries with strict piracy regulations, you could face significant fines or even imprisonment.

Even in countries with more lenient copyright laws, you may still be liable if you use pirated content for commercial purposes. However, in countries like Poland, Spain, and Switzerland, using pirated content for personal use is less likely to lead to legal action.

To avoid the legal risks associated with using 123Movies, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with your country’s copyright laws or use official streaming platforms.

How Do I Stay Safe When Streaming on 123Movies?

If you choose to stream on 123Movies, there are ways to use the site safely. Here are some basic safety tips to avoid threats on 123Movies mirror sites:

  • Check what you’re downloading: 123Movies often features “download now” buttons on ads to trick users into clicking. Be cautious and ensure that the download button is not an ad banner to avoid downloading the wrong file or opening an ad.
  • Don’t share personal details: Avoid signing up or sharing personal information on illegal streaming websites. Your personal data could be stolen and used for financial fraud, credential stuffing, or social engineering attacks.
  • Use reliable antivirus software: Illegal streaming sites frequently display pop-up ads containing malware and viruses. Clicking on these ads can infect your device. Consider using reliable antivirus software for an extra layer of online protection.
  • Use an ad blocker: Ad blockers can enhance your streaming experience on 123Movies mirror sites and protect your privacy. They prevent tracking technologies used by ads to gather information about your online behavior and preferences.
  • Check user reviews: To learn how to stay safe on 123Movies, read about the safety approaches other users use to protect themselves.

By following these tips, you can enhance your safety while streaming on 123Movies.

Frequently Asked Question about 123Movies

Can 123Movies harm my phone or computer?

Yes, many 123Movies clone sites host content in a way that can expose you to malware and viruses. These sites may contain malicious ad links that can trick you into providing personal information through phishing attacks or downloading harmful software. Downloading such software or poorly coded files can lead to your computer or mobile device freezing, slowing down, or crashing.

Does 123Movies track you?

Yes, many 123Movies clone sites include ads with trackers or viruses that can track your online activities, compromise your device, and gain access to your data.

Is 123Movies legal?

123Movies and similar pirate sites violate copyright laws and operate in a legal gray area or even illegally. Using such sites is illegal in many countries. This can lead to monitoring and tracking by law enforcement agencies and copyright holders for legal repercussions. However, you might not face any legal consequences if you’re in a country with lenient copyright laws.

What is 123Movies called now?

The original name and URL of 123Movies have changed to several mirror sites such as GoStream, 123movieshub, MeMovies, and GoMovies. The site underwent several name changes after being shut down by the MPAA.

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