Not Gonna Make It (NGMI)

Not Gonna Make It (NGMI)


What is Not Gonna Make it (NGMI)?

“Not Gonna Make It,” often abbreviated as NGMI, is a slang phrase that pops up a lot in online communities, especially among those who trade or invest in cryptocurrencies. It started on social media and generally signals disbelief or annoyance. When people use NGMI, they’re usually poking fun at someone or dismissing a cryptocurrency as a flop.


“NGMI,” short for “Not Gonna Make It” is a term that comes up frequently in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Traders buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins aiming to profit. However, this market is notoriously unpredictable and challenging often leading to losses for those who are new or not well-informed.

“If you’re jumping on every new coin without doing your homework, it’s NGMI for you in this market!”

NGMI expressing doubt and skepticism

The phrase NGMI expresses doubt or skepticism about someone’s ability to succeed in making profitable trades or consistently earning from the market. It might be a way to poke fun at oneself or to highlight the tough realities of trading or choosing the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

People also use NGMI to ridicule specific projects, such as new meme coins that seem unlikely to succeed.

“Holding onto that failing crypto just because it was once a meme? That’s a classic NGMI move.”

The term “NGMI” (Not Gonna Make It) is generally used in a negative context but it can have some indirect benefits, especially in the world of cryptocurrency and beyond. Here’s how:

1. Risk Awareness

Using or hearing “NGMI” can serve as a reality check, reminding individuals or groups about the risks involved in certain investments or decisions. It promotes a sense of caution, potentially steering people away from hasty or ill-advised choices.

2. Community Bonding

While it might seem critical, the term often fosters a sense of community among users who share similar experiences or challenges. It can be a lighthearted way for members of a community to bond over common missteps or learning curves.

3. Motivation to Improve

For some, being labeled or considering themselves, as “NGMI” could act as a motivator to seek more knowledge, improve skills or change strategies. It can be a wake-up call to step up one’s game.

4. Humor & Relief

In high-stress environments like cryptocurrency trading, humor is a valuable relief. NGMI can be used humorously to make light of losses or setbacks, helping to alleviate some of the emotional burdens associated with trading. acts as a lighthouse for readers who are wanting to enter into the world of digital currencies, helping them through the intricacies of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investments, and the most recent trends reshaping the industry.”

5. Filtering Information

The term can help in filtering out less promising projects or investments. It encourages deeper analysis and skepticism, which is crucial in fields filled with hype and speculation.

While primarily a cautionary or sarcastic term, NGMI can indirectly contribute to smarter, more informed decision-making and community interaction in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

In contrast, “We’re All Gonna Make It” (WAGMI) is its optimistic counterpart, signaling confidence and a positive outlook.

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Not Gonna Make It (NGMI)

What is Not Gonna Make it (NGMI)? “Not Gonna Make It,” often abbreviated as NGMI, is a slang phrase that pops up a lot in...

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