Tanzohub: Technology Transforming People Experiences




Tanzohub is changing how folks enjoy live events. This technology platform let people become the part of action instead of just watching it. The Tanzohub makes shows and performances more fun by bringing the audience closer to the performers.

How Tanzohub Works?

The Tanzohub uses fancy video tech to put people into the show. When you use your phone, Tanzohub turns your video into a cool animated character. This character shows up on big screens during the live event, making it feel like you’re right there.

Tanzohub Features

Tanzohub has some awesome things that make it special:

Joining the Fun

Everyone becomes a part of the event, not just spectators.

Making Friends

Tanzohub lets people see and chat with each other through their animated characters, making new friends just like being there in person.

Fun Games

Tanzohub turns the event into a game. People can win points and prizes for taking part, making it exciting. (Just like you win in other games like Firekirin & Panda Master)

Learning from the Audience

Tanzohub collects lots of info about how people take part. This helps organizers make future events even better.

Use Any Device

Tanzohub works on phones and big screens, so everyone can join no matter where they are.

Big Crowds

Tanzohub can include lots of people at the same time, making the event feel lively and energetic.

The Tanzohub’s Tools

Tanzohub has two main parts:

1. Tanzohub Studio

Organizers use this tool to manage the event and put the audience into the show. They can control how everyone interacts with the performance.

2. Tanzohub App

People use the app on their phones to record videos and join the event. The app has cool features like gestures, emotions and dances (just like Snapchat) to make the experience more enjoyable.

Where you can Use Tanzohub?

Tanzohub can make all sorts of events more interactive:

  • Concerts and Parties: Singers can perform to animated fans and people can join the party from anywhere in the world.
  • Speeches and Talks: Speakers can see the audience and get instant feedback from people watching remotely.
  • Dance and Theater: Dancers and actors can involve the audience, making the show more exciting.
  • Fitness Classes: Instructors can lead workouts with people joining from different places, making exercise more fun.
  • Weddings and Special Events: Couples can share their special moments with friends and family who are not physically there.
  • Gaming Tournaments: Gamers can join the competition from home and fans can cheer like they’re in the same place.


The platform started in 2018 by Mark Zviman and Alan Dai, who wanted to make live events more interactive. They got some money from investors to enhance this Tabzohub. Now it has more than 55 people working in USA.


Tanzohub started with an initial step by testing with a few partners in 2018. In 2019, they opened up to more people.

But in 2020, Tanzohub became available for everyone to create their own interactive events.

Future of Tanzohub

Tanzohub has big plans to make things even better:

  • More Ways to Hang Out: They want people to connect more through their animated characters.
  • Live Streaming: Tanzohub will let people stream their events on platforms like YouTube & other.
  • Virtual Worlds: People can explore and have fun in virtual places (metaverse) during events.
  • Augmented Reality: Tanzohub will blend animated characters with real places, making it even cooler.
  • Better Animation: They want to make characters move more realistically and look even more like real people as character shown in webtoon xyx.
  • Tanzohub Store: People will be able to buy and sell cool stuff for their events.


Tanzohub is making the live events way more exciting. It’s not just for the big shots; anyone can use it.

The more it grows, the more exciting our events will become. The future of being a part of the actions is really a great technological innovation.

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